What was your 1st tractor ?

first tractor I drove myself was an International B275, I was about 8 years old
first brand new, tractor I got for 3 years while working for someone else was a Renault 103.14 TX 40kph, I loved that tractor,
first tractor I bought to work with was a Massey Ferguson 3125 datatronic,
really nice tractor and punched well above it's weight, a real power house and good on fuel


Dexta in 1972 when I was 9. Dad bought her new from Perry’s of North London and she did everything. I have her now in my cart shed. Just given her a spruce up costing £1500 but well worth it! Looking great. Dad wants to give her a drive on Xmas day! Driven all sorts since but favourites are JD 2140 SG2 and Ford 7700.

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First tractor I drove would have been a MF 135 when I was 4. First tractor I could call my own was my grandfathers Dexta that I was given for free with a frost busted block. I got an entire engine about 10 years ago and got it rebuilt and it now has 125 hours done since. A bit of a waste of money but I wouldn't part with that little tractor.
First tractor I bought myself was a 1989 MF 3650. It had over 20k hours done when it left us. A smashing tractor and as reliable as sin once you could get it to start. I eventually rebuilt the engine in it as it was gone absolutely terrible to start in the winter months. It's still going and drives a JF harvester every year for it's current owner.
First tractor I drove was a 1953 Ferguson ted20, I remember it had a set of rolls behind and I must of rolled that grass so flat it looked ironed 😂 I had to be prised off the tractor. First tractor I bought and still own was a 1948 Ferguson TEA20 for £500 which I saved up from a Saturday job at the sawmill on local estate I was 12 or 13 now 32! Several more tractors have joined the collection but safe to say that one I will never part with took me to my wedding and without sounding morbid I'll make my final journey on it as well!


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Sure I was warned. I was made to believe that it the transmission was opened up and looked over, as it turned out it was bodged up.
I bought the tractor for €16k. The transmission swop was around the same...
Learn from my fail.
The first tractor I ever drove was dad's 35x, but got moved on to a db 850 as it had been made redundant from crushing corn as dad moved to a electric mill.
I even had 2 six volt batteries so it would start on the button on my 15th birthday

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