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What would you do.....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 7610 super q, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. " Sold " about a dozen bales of hay to a couple of horsey folks last June.
    Not been paid for.
    Not been collected.
    No contact from them whatsoever.

    Head says fudge um, sell them elsewhere.
    Heart says it would be polite to contact them and ask if they still want them........

    Would probably get more for them re advertised after Christmas too......:whistle::finger:
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  2. Until you've contacted them they are sold. Just my view.

    If they refuse /can't pay then they are yours again.
  3. Kiwi Pete

    Kiwi Pete Member

    Owaka, New Zealand
    It would have been polite if they had paid and picked them up!!

    But I tend to agree with @holwellcourtfarm, I would give them a buzz (provided you can contact them, of course).
    At least if they show up with pitchforks, you can honestly say you tried to contact them about completing the purchase.
  4. marco

    marco Member

    tipperary, ireland
    Sell them, it's their duty to collect. If they are not paid for they are still your property.
  5. Shovelhands

    Shovelhands Member

    Sunny Essex
    At least you still have them, if they were collected and not paid for then your fudged. Call them, if they don’t want them, then sell them, easy, you can’t ever be accused of being the bad guy then.

    They are taking the pi$$ though, so don’t be to polite on the phone! :p
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  6. Contact them and charge them storage on top.
  7. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    First come, first serve.
    Dont be waiting for them
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  8. mrs mtx

    mrs mtx Member

    I’ll take them cheap :sneaky:
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  9. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    I think you have entered into a verbal contract with them.
    Contact them and see what the problem is.
  10. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    mat be, they got other things on there mind, like how to remove a dead horse
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  11. Paddington

    Paddington Member

    Soggy Shropshire
    We had a similar thing with a neighbour, who still hasn't paid for nor collected his 50 bales after two years, despite us leaving emails asking when he could collect. They've probably seen hay at a lower price which they want you to beat, oh, and can you deliver and stack them at no extra charge ?:mad:
  12. multi power

    multi power Member

    And interest
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  13. Pan mixer

    Pan mixer Member

    Near Colchester
    Depends who they are, I have a sliding scale of prices; at one end there is w***er tax - which can be variable.
    At the other end there is M!lf discount - which can also be variable.

    Ring them and see.
  14. Shovelhands

    Shovelhands Member

    Sunny Essex

    Does Mrs Pan mixer know about the Milf discount?....
  15. Pan mixer

    Pan mixer Member

    Near Colchester
    Careless talk costs lives, probably mine.
  16. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    no harm in viewing
    its touching which herts
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  17. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    When you say last June? 2017 or 2018?
  18. Kevtherev

    Kevtherev Member

    Welshpool Powys
  19. 2018.
  20. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    @7610 super q
    did they view the bales ?
    inside or out in the field ?

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