Whats the value of a m3 of pig slurry from a slatted finishing unit?

Watery Lane

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As title says, what price would people say its worth? Baring in mind not only does it provide n but p and k as well. Im thinking it should be £15m3 collected at least....


Arable Farmer
We use to move lot of pig slurry the pig farmer paid us a hour rate and the receiving farmer paid for the fuel we used. The pig farmer was happy to have big land bank where we could spread slurry regarding nvz rules.


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Co antrim
Iv spread alot of pig poop free for the taking, the piggery is dry as so many cartin it away currently but with current fuel prices it would need to be a short distance operation to make it pay at all

Watery Lane

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Work it out, 1m3 good pig slurry can have 5kg/N, 1kg/P and 2kg/K plus sulpher, magnesium and many other benefits you dont get from bagged.

Will 1594

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Work it out, 1m3 good pig slurry can have 5kg/N, 1kg/P and 2kg/K plus sulpher, magnesium and many other benefits you dont get from bagged.
Have just done it ,and the values ofbwhat was tested
at todays fert Price at £9:50 cube then haulage and spreading , can have it delivered and spread 14 cube , but tankers not umbilical so dont want 40/50 ton down tramlines
still too much as they looking for a home for it ,

graham mc

Arable Farmer
East Yorkshire
Results in
kg/m3 Fresh

Total Nitrogen 1.67
Phosphorus as P2O5 1.49
Potassium as K2O 1.56
Magnesium as MgO 0.27
Calcium as CaO 0.99
Sulphur as SO3 0.23
Copper Slurry 0.0051
Zinc Slurry 0.0256
Ammonium Nitrogen (kg/m3) 1.60
Nitrate Nitrogen (kg/m3) 0.01
Av N (NO3-N + NH4-N) (kg/m3) 1.61

Total Nitrogen 2.06
Phosphorus as P2O5
Potassium as K2O 2.16
Magnesium as MgO 0.09
Calcium as CaO 0.57
Sulphur as SO3 0.15
Copper Slurry 0.0017
Zinc Slurry 0.0090
Ammonium Nitrogen (kg/m3) 1.71
Nitrate Nitrogen (kg/m3) < 0.01
Av N (NO3-N + NH4-N) (kg/m3) 1.70

thats our last 2 analysis so theres not as much n in it as you might think depends on rain fall getting in tank etc Depends if your p and K levels are high anyway as if they are your not benefiting that much

Id get it tested and negotiate from there

Liquid Digestate seams much more stable at 5kg/ m3


What value nutrient wise would you put on it? and £ wise?

Wills figures above are not far out depending on dry matter content of the manure.

You will also have to remember Nitrogen losses will be about 50% depending on weather and method of application.

Will also have to have a cost saving to fertiliser as bagged is still much more convenient to work with.

Watery Lane

New Member
Thanks for this, this is lagoon slurry from mostly slatted unit, we also have the ability to stir with a Storth MegaMixer so it brings the thicker stuff up from the bottom, I'm not in a position I need to get rid of it. I'm in a fortunate position where 1000m3 will be surplus to requirements this spring so wondering whether to cash in. If the moneys not right the capacity is there to keep it for next year.

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