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Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by JohnDeere8530, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. JohnDeere8530

    JohnDeere8530 Member

    Clearing out an old shed that I've literally not been in before even though I was born there and lived there for 40 years. Anyone know what this is? Ebay of scrap bin? 1483733182727.jpg 1483733191277.jpg
  2. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    Were you told the boogey man lived in there or something? :woot:
  3. Jim Bullock

    Jim Bullock Never Forgotten

    It's a cake crusher. Cow cake used to come in slabs which had to be broken up before it could be fed.
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  4. JohnDeere8530

    JohnDeere8530 Member

    OK much appreciated. Seems well made. I guess I may stick it back for another 50 plus years. Something for kids to find!
  5. JohnDeere8530

    JohnDeere8530 Member

    Yes as a kid I was always dead scared of the place. It was never used, never gone in, dark with no lighting in it and both floors were over run by rats. My Dad used to tell me when he was a boy tramps often used to stay in it. Guess that kinda put me off
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  6. Lincsman

    Lincsman Member

    Cotton cake wasnt it?... if so what bit of the cotton?
  7. Tonym

    Tonym Member

    Cotton cake is made from the seed of the cotton plant.
    Another that came in slabs was ground nut cake.
    Both were used as protein.
  8. Old Boar

    Old Boar Member

    West Wales
    Hoik it out, dust it down and sell it to a prat who does this sort of stuff up by sticking a light on it and calling it "up cycled" and then sell for £1000's.
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  9. jade35

    jade35 Member

    S E Cornwall
    Certainly prettier /more architectural than this one https://pilgrim.ceredigion.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1554 @JohnDeere8530


    As Old Boar says have a look at it's value online and if you have any other old tools or cast iron machinery in the shed, check it out before you chuck it on the scrap heap as it is surprising the value of some items.
  10. JohnDeere8530

    JohnDeere8530 Member

    Yep true. Might try it on eBay. Thanks for your input
  11. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    Looks more like a metal bender to me
  12. Mmm cake.
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