whats wrong with ewe


ok racking my brain and can't work it out. got sheep away on grazing so have not seen it first hand
young sheep rising 2 tooth not had lamb
can't get up head back just falls over if tried to stand up
seems bright
not stiff can open mouth easy legs bendable no foam around mouth nose etc
not paddling with feet
dry around face clean around arse no discolouring inside of legs
tilted head when sitting up then just lies down on side
any ideas or is it just a sheep that drew the short straw at the watering hole. and it had to find a diffrent way to die
is in a paddock that has been sprayed out with roundup and versatile [clopyralid] but think just normal weeds not hemlock etc
maybee a play fight got a bit rough and neck damage

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Mixed Farmer
yeah that would be spine damage not brain but anyway have you discounted a cyst from Gid ?

Other than that do you have ticks there ?

Having said that

Symptom Fits with A lesion in there somewhere , would be knocking her down, spine etc, but actually where and what caused by is a another matter
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CCN or listeriosis? Listeriosis sounds unlikely on grazing but we had a couple cases on stubble turnips last October so maybe consider it if pasture has been poached a bit?
might of been during winter. they graze cows there over winter but keep higher covers
older ryegrass paddocks so maybe some endophyte in it but why only one out of a mob of 430
checked every day so would of thought anything slower acting would of shown up earlyer

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