Wheat expectations?


What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us.

May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier flowering much better, but septoria on Cougar parentage(Firefly). Stem/nodal & root fusarium also pretty evident doubtless from the very wet May. Will be far from bad, just not as good as the density and provenance of the crop could have expressed given differing circumstances. Regionally I imagine some escaped flowering issues, but may have caught others due to timing differences.

Crops completely turned local to me over the weekend-and it was not that hot


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1st wheats look reasonable and should come in above average. 2nd wheats have suffered in the late wet, ear disease, stem fusarium and a touch of take-all have all made an appearance and means there will be a lot of pinched grain in the sample and the corresponding yield hit (which will be significant).
all looks promising but I’m sure the reality will be small pinched grains On some. There seems a lot of straw though and for the first time I can remember none of it has the infamous ‘Breckland stripe” running through it


Could have been mega but probably a “good average” now.
Firefly was the pick of the bunch but a bit shrivelled now so not fulfilled its potential. I still hope there’s 10t/ha in the better bits. We’ll know by the weekend 🤞
I have found the same with firefly , which is nearly half my acreage. Looked fantastic all through the year, but rubbed some out last night and was quite shocked how shrivelled the sample looked.


Breckland swale.

Some years from the air the fields can look almost like a tigers stripes of light and dare caused by the droughted areas

Those glaciers have a lot to answer for.


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