wheat for biomass?

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  1. 5.2 on > 200 kW.

    Still a few on lower tariffs goin in but it's pretty much dead
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    The current rate on a 1MW Biomass boiler burns Grade AB waste wood and a WID compliant boiler for ALL grades inc Grade C is: T1 - 5.24p for 1314 hrs and T2 - 2.27p on rest. Definitely does stack up.£££££
    The 1 MW WID compliant boiler is the way to go if got space to house 20m x 10m and burn 7 tonnes a day of ALL waste wood. This will generate all your heat and dry and pay a 20 yr RHI. GREAT INVESTMENT PLAN
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    Yes it does
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    The RHI is still very good on a 1 MW biomass or a WID well worth the investment
  5. What boiler, what install costs for primary side up to phx?
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    Herz Ind WIDCompliant 995kw - Burns ALL grades of waste wood (ABC)
    £700k inc Ceramic filter, buffer, plant room, flue (15m), dryer with duct, environmental permit.
    Herz/Heizomat Biomass 995kw - Burns Grades A,B only £500k -
    Both boilers will require heat use - water, drying grain etc, buildings etc, broilers.

    Both Boilers can work as combined heat & power producing electricity which will reduce the heat output by adding an ORC

    Both boilers attract RHI for 20 years and the CHP will attract an additional subsidy the ROK

    I hope that helps, we can only provide specific information/spec data once we've had a first visit as this is bespoke to each customer with regards to planning/installation. This is not an off the shelf boiler and is not mass produced the timescale from order to install can be 6 mths
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    That's expensive although I'm not sure what you mean by 'drier with duct'?

    Looks like a price hike due to the ability to claim ROC via CHP.
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  8. Fair enough, you either spend a lot to get a fair bit back or spend less.

    Happy with my set up I think having seen that price!
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    Conwy, north wales
    Are the rocs still available?
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    Yep. It would have to earn 2.5 times more to end up in the same position as what we have installed and that's not taking into account finance costs.
  11. That's my point - spending a few 100k as part of a farming set up on energy future certainty can be money v well spent and easy enough to instigate.

    Spending £1m takes it to a whole separate business entity which your average farmer isn't going to go for.
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    Last time I looked it had all the classic signs of snake oil. Always willing to be convinced otherwise but not optimistic.
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    they might be willing to install a system and be paid for it as it produces an income , any rhi boilers capable of burning dried cattle manure
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    If you have dried cattle manure it will be far more profitable bagging and selling as compost. Biggest cost is normally in the drying hence the use of AD plants.
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    the heat from a boiler would dry it, its currently about 30% dm ,theres been little demand from organic farmers for about 1000 tons a year so producing heat/electric would be of interest, dont think ad would reduce the volume to be disposed of
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    1000 tonnes per year would be easy to shift through garden outlets. Uncle used to do 15000 tonnes of dried chicken muck very easily and could have done far more if he had it.
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    Glamorgan Wales
    What most people over look is the labour to pay for to look after these systems as takes lot of time.
  19. That's true, depends on the system design though.

    We spend an hr max a day on average, its earns several hundred so not bothered.

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