Wheat growth metrics

Farmer Fin

What are people doing to monitor wheat as it is growing? Plant counts / tiller counts / ears etc? Brix?

I want to put a few more things in place to monitor the crop as it’s growing and I’m trying to work out what is worth while and what’s not.

I do some tissue and grain analysis already. My agronomist shows me the NDVI images but they don’t seem to show anything of use.

What is everyone else doing?


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North Yorkshire
Plant, tiller and ear counts give an idea, but I just judge the potential by eye really. I'll use an N Sensor to try and manage the canopy in spring but otherwise it's a combination of how it looks, what problems I see and what varietal weaknesses or strengths it has to decide the level of inputs. I've had no yield response to NDVI in the past despite years of trialling it though that was on low potential yield crops (mostly drought prone).

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