Wheat variety choices next year?

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by dirty harry, May 12, 2017.

  1. BenB

    BenB Member

    Newbury, Berks
    I see Tripod is still available as a seed treatment which claims some early season foliar activity, has anyone got any experience of it?
  2. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    Ordered a bit of Bennington, as local home will take it as a soft with Viscount and Zulu.
    Untreated trial of Barrel completely dead with septoria end of May apparently:poop:.Siskin too slow out the blocks and Costello not really looking any better than Zulu by side of it.
  3. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Fuberidazole + triadmenol? Used to be called Baytan. Can delay germination. I'd use it for rusty varieties like Reflection now that Galamno/Jockey has gone.

    HSE website & Sentinel say it has expired but it has been on commercial use up since 2013!
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  4. robbie

    robbie Member

    the brecks norfolk
    An I right in thinking tripod is the same as/replacement to baytan?
  5. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    not harvested anything yet but looks like
    BARLEY tower,has done well here for a few years dont like 6 row and wont grow hybrids

    WHEAT revelation, a couple of days later but looks tremendous with massive number of grains/ear and did well last yr
    lili, doesnt matter if it doesnt make a premium as yields as well as anything as first or 2nd
    evolution, does well in 2nd wheat but will have to watchfor yr as had a bit early this year
    barrel first harvest coming up has looked well all year clean and buyer out there other than feed or ethanol
    motown will be the new one to try
    grafton old like me but is early to harvest and gets us going still yields with a high seed rate
    siskin is under review just starting to lean precairiously will depend on final yield
    reflection too dirty not for me
    diego last harvest as now becoming outclassed though it has served us well
    wether or not this is the final choice yet to be decided but havent seen anything else that floats my boat yet
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  6. static

    static Member

    I think this could be the sleeper hit - a bit like a new version of Diego. Does nothing exceptionally, but solid all around.

    Will stick with Relay for feed. Siskin is being dropped. Quite likely Lili will go too and we will go to 65% gp1, 35% feed.
  7. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    Revelation looking good in the 1st W slot, still got 4 green leaves (y)
    Grafton has a few blind sites but is the only variety to fit in front of OSR in the 3rd W slot (y)
    Siskin, shy tillering, take all and fusarium ear blight. Like a hooker at a Man U stag do. (n)
    - Think I'll replace it with Kerrin in the 2nd W slot, but will be watching the '17 HGCA results like a hawk as it's recommendation is on "limited data".

    Haven't found any spikelets set 5 across in any variety on the farm, maybe a drought thing this year?
  8. BigBarl

    BigBarl Member

    South Notts
    One thing to bear in mind is the crop we are planting this Autumn may well be sold post Brexit (Apr 2019), what will be best to have in the barn then, quality bread/biscuit or a big heap of feed? I know quality is over supplied at the moment on the back of last years exceptional quality, but if everyone switches into feed wheat to drill this autumn, there could be a big domestic gap to fill depending on the outcome of Brexit?
    That said I'm still going to grow feed, can't be arsed with the tension of milling wheat on wheels to the mill...
  9. static

    static Member

    1) Yield gap between feed and milling so small, might as well grow milling *but*
    2) Premium for hard gp4s most years, so there's that *and*
    3) Vivergo demand for feed makes price of basic feed wheat here equivalent to a low milling premium.

    Still, I would always rather have a premium variety in the ground. I like the earliness of Skyfall, and it's flexible sowing window. But the ears are always very dinky (big grains) and it always looks a sad comparison to the massive ears and leaves in the Relay. Always pays better in the end though.

    BLACKDOG Member

    Kicking Siskin out. Terrible fusarium in it. Keeping skyfall and graham. Looking at shabras
  11. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Grow something not in Group 4 but has a yield of 104% of controls. What is you main market? Ethanol?

    Just don't price it anywhere near or after March 2019 in case there's no Brexit deal in place. I've got a feeling there will be boats queued up 10 deep in the major ports Oct-Dec 18 and deathly quiet after March 19...
  12. texelburger

    texelburger Member

    Our Sundance has tillered fantastically well,it's almost too thick.Agree it is very clean (tiny bit of mildew in tge bottom) and still quite green .Won the local wheat growing competition ,hope it doesn't disappoint at harvest.
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  13. bobk

    bobk Member

    What has it followed ?
  14. Terrible fusarium? has it been tested? Siskin looks well in different parts of the country, but a bit weak in the straw!! it brackles as I have seen!!
  15. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    revelation has a massive number of grains/ ear this year here but having just driven from n yorks up A1 towards perth crops look tremendous the further north you go and wouldnt surprise me if there arnt some bumper yields on that lovely red land near the coast
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    BLACKDOG Member

    No not tested. Bad ear bleaching so suspect f.culmorum or f. Graminearum. 5%ears showing problem. All other varieties are fine.
  17. texelburger

    texelburger Member

    4 years grass
  18. If we have a disordly brexit we need less gp4 wheat if harvest 18 has high yields
  19. DanniAgro

    DanniAgro Member

    Unfortunately the grain market will be subject to the same forces as now - eg if drought hits Argentina, mid west US and Australia then prices will rocket but if it's the opposite then we'll all be bust.
  20. Banana Bar

    Banana Bar Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    Skyfall, Basset, Barrel, Gallant

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