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Wheel painting

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by oakleaf, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. oakleaf

    oakleaf Member

    Want to get the wheels on my 1989 Fendt 311 LSA tidied up. Won't be doing the job myself so whats best enamel , 2 pack , powder coat or is there any other method I dont know about?
  2. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Any of the above paints ...............
    Consider doing it yourself, then you can keep them as new.
    Loads on U-Tube explaining how to prepare the surface, we'd paint the difficult bits (bolts/brackets) and the like with a brush, then when tacky finish with the spray gun.
    Dont bother with powder coating .........
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  3. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    As above, stay away from powder coating, tends to rust underneath and then you'll be able to pull sheets of powder coat off, also it is a bugger to shot blast off once powder coated. I would get them stripped and shotblasted, a coat of epoxy primer or 2 then whack some 2k on. Lovely finish and easy to sort out any chips and again easy to blast back and re-do in 5-10 years time if needed.
  4. multi power

    multi power Member

    I'd clean down with a wire wheel on grinder
    Plenty of coats of primer
    Plenty of rubbing down
    Plenty of coats of top coat
    Just normal bog standard paint
    Painting isn't difficult
    Preparation and attention to detail take time
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  5. oakleaf

    oakleaf Member

    If its ok to use bog standard enamel I might have a go at doing the job myself. Wouldnt try the 2 pack.
    Would it be a big no no to do it without seperating rims from centres?
  6. multi power

    multi power Member

    I'm very much an amature so can't say for sure but I'd certainly dismantle them, otherwise you won't get paint where the lugs meet the centre and rust bound to appear eventually
    I'd find that very very annoying every time I would see it
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  7. multi power

    multi power Member

    IMG_20170426_223814489.jpg IMG_20170425_215036217.jpg IMG_20170423_163545363_HDR.jpg this is just bog standard paint, kramp red oxide and agco grey
  8. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Be grand, just don't tell anyone ..............
    Most important thing, enjoy doing it, that way you'll do them again in a flash. If its to much of a chore, it could put you off painting for life. So keep it simple, especially the first few jobs.

    Good coat of paint there ............... (y)
    @multi power
  9. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    Slightly newer machine, but, were blasting the wheels on a fendt 900. Were then applying nitrofos primer, then 2k polyurethane signal red. Polyurethane won't chip if it gets hit like powder coat. Powder coat is epoxy. Covers well but knock it and it'll chip polyurethane will scratch not chip.
  10. MF 168

    MF 168 Member

    Laois, Ireland
    Sand blasting back down to bare steel is a must if a lifetime paint job is wanted. After that get all your paint materials from the same supplier. Some paints don't play well with others I found out the hard way so now I just source it all from a manufacturer not to far from me here.
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  11. Dry Rot

    Dry Rot Member

    Thinking about this job myself. I'm sure I read somewhere to paint the tyre adjacent to the rim with soap and water. The paint won't stick and you can wash it off later. But it's just a nagging memory and I've not done it so at your own risk! (Probably what I'll end up doing because I can't face taking wheels off, let alone tyres!)..

    Restoring a working tractor here and so far the guy who repainted the panels did such a good job I now feel guilty taking it out in the mud!
  12. Blast, etch, prime, then a poly top coat.
    2k will chip to easy really
    Don't powder coat
  13. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Soapy water would work well ...........
    Just watch the soapy water on the steel surface. I'd jeep everything as dry as possible, but that's just me .........
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  14. Paint the tyre with green swarfega to mask it off.

    This then washes off easily when the paint has dried.
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  15. Boohoo

    Boohoo Member

    If it's a working tractor ask your paint supplier to tint the primer so the chips and scratches in the top coat won't be as obvious.
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  16. Two Tone

    Two Tone Member

    There is a cheating way you can get away with it, that would make @REStracTORATION cringe (sorry!).
    Particularly if you have a Ford 40 series. You can use Hammerite smooth paint on to wire brushed wheels. White obviously on the Fords. The colour is slightly off-white and a pretty good match to the original. Don't know if there is a Red near enough for Fendts. Finnish is not too bad.
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  17. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    We do all wheels the same way.
    1) Blast,
    2) nitrofest protector primer,
    3) epoxy prime for build and levelling
    4) 2k polyurethane.

    Always urethane because if you knock it, it won't chip like powder coat. 2k acrylic if you want a show finish as the gloss level is higher and deeper than polyurethane.

    We paint all outer panels in 2k acrylic as the uv protection is higher and it looks better. Same paint your car would be done in. We use spies hecker or glasurit.

    All iron work or chassis 2k polyurethane.
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  18. +1 for glasurit dear but the next level of paint when price allows
    We use hmg with very good results,
    Primers are from spectral which have excellent build qualitys.
    You really can make paint sing with the correct products
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  19. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    I use HMG polyester spray putty on grp and it's brilliant.
    Depending on what we're painting and to what spec has been give we use a fair amount of akzol Nobel. Partly because we use their powder for powder coating and they do the largest range of certified industrial paints going.

    Glasurit is expensive but it requires less finishing work after. Spies hecker is on another level even above glasurit. if you ever get chance to use it you won't go back to any thing else.
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