when did tractor magazine change from monthly to quarterly??

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  1. yesterday my brother went into newsagent and discovered that the tractor magazine had changed from monthly to quarterly and I asked was it thicker his reply was no it was a lot thinner!! ... I gave up buying it three years ago because the content was poor... 40 years ago I worked at main IH dealer and I contacted the magazine a number of times because there was incorrect information in articles about IH
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    Dear Startinghandle,
    I think I may have the answer to this. In September last year, Sundial Magazines, the publishers of Classic Tractor, in response to a demand for a magazine that catered exclusively for vintage machinery enthusiasts, launched Heritage Tractor, a QUARTERLY magazine. This has no connection whatsoever with Tractor & Farming Heritage, which I believe may be the magazine which you used to purchase. Hope this sheds some light on the matter for you.

    R Day, Managing Editor, Heritage Tractor
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    And Heritage Tractor seems to be the best buy, unlike the others its not full of parts suppliers lists and photos of new paint, pretending to be restorations. H T, has information!
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  4. thanks for reply... I will get magazine!!
    I have tractor in shed that I intend to get running during summer and it will not be painted and I am very sure there will not be another like it in all the UK so perhaps you can do an article about it
    best regards
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    Could I suggest that you do the article yourself? That way there is scope for in work photos and in depth problem sorting.One of the reasons for the poor restoration articles in magazines is that the journalist only sees the finished article.Its also unlikely that they will have the in depth knowledge required to ask pertinent questions. The other reason is the move to "Cheque book " restorations, where the owner has no knowledge of the work, just a bill!
  6. I understand what you are saying
    I intend to make a new fuel tank for my tractor... which I will do myself and the engine needs overhauling
    I also have a Dexta which my late father bought 54 years which also needs overhauling and the front axle pin is badly worn which needs fixing so if I keep records and photos as i carry out overhaul it could be suitable material for future magazines
    I should add that as yet I am not sure of the best way to fix very badly worn front axle pin
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    W Wales
    Replace it, bush an all. Fit a grease nipple whilst you're at it.

    Parts are readily available.
  8. thanks for reply woolly
    it would be a very straight forward job of just renewing pin and bush ... but the pin has worn through the bush and into the axle.. I know it is worn bad but until I remove it I wont know exactly how bad

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