When to stop spraying due to heat

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Arable Farmer
As title says, do you stop because of bright sun shine or when it gets too hot ?
Reason for asking, today isn’t that hot (21 degrees) but unbroken bright sunshine and tomorrow will be very hot and sunny, just wondering what people’s thoughts are.
North Notts
I think it’s risk vs reward, not done any today . Plants stressed enough without me putting them under more for the sake of 2 hundred weight/ acre with chemicals and pass costing 1 , if it was below 20 and dull I’d have been doing a bit . Enjoy the football to


Mixed Farmer
Finished T3's around 12:30pm. Might had been 20°c by then. Only a bit of teb, and if I leave it too long, i might as well not bother.

Planning on some spring beans tomorrow morning. Hoping for earlier start as dont have to do nursery run. Hopefully done by 10am.

In 2019 I went spraying t1s on ww through the day and it must had been 24/25°c with clear skies. 2x fung, 1x herb, 2x pgr. Absolutely no after effects 🤷‍♂️.


Arable Farmer
I asked my agronomist today, he was too worried about the temp alone. (Only a bit of fungicide )
He was concerned about how bright it was plus the temps.
But then it’s a trade off to beat any rain v scorch.

Phil P

Arable Farmer
North West
Past week I’ve just been starting at 5am as it’s cooler but mainly because through the day it’s been getting too windy. Went spraying beet at half 9 last night as thay really don’t like been sprayed when it’s hot! Past year though I’ve found you have to go early or late on to avoid all the walkers!


Tbh our national sport is "complaining about the weather". The mummies at the school gate who were wearing three jumpers and whining about the winter are now wearing huge hats, looking flustered, and complaining about the heat. That's a five degree range. I say bring on the mid 30s. Bloody love it.

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