When will it stop raining

Just because the computer says No or Yes doesn't mean you have to believe it.
You're right! By now technology has increased in power, more and more.
A computer is a fast idiot, the art is making sure the operator isn't a slow idiot.
I laughed here!
For instance a couple of years ago I had 6 flights across Europe averaging 2.5 hours with the total cost including seats and carry on case for less than £250.
Well, this is strange. I'm not such an expert but the last time I flight with Ryaner (one of the cheapest companies) and I spent £100... Maybe there are companies worse then Ryaner!
Anyways, I think we have to finish to talk about moon and sceptic stuff in a forum whose thread is weather and rain!
Seeing as the thread has derailed........
Oops, we got carried away...

Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

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Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

Written by Defra Press Office


There has been coverage today in the I and the Guardian, reporting on speculation around the upcoming government response to the recent Gene Editing consultation, which closed on 17th March.

A full government response, which will include a thorough analysis and summary of the responses to the consultation and which will set out our next steps, will be published in due course.

Gene editing has the ability to harness the genetic resources that mother nature has provided, such as breeding...