Where’s Walter gone?

Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by Pond digger, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Pond digger

    Pond digger Member

    East Yorkshire
    What’s happened to @Walterp? One minute he’s the most prolific poster in Christendom, then he’s vanished. Someone needs to say something controversial to liven things up: come on Walt:).
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  2. Zippy768

    Zippy768 Member

    No they don't :rolleyes:
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  3. He does this this regularly.

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  4. Netherfield

    Netherfield Member

    West Yorkshire
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  5. willy

    willy Member

    He must be back in the asylum, we shall know when he gets out again.
  6. Canada Farmer

    Canada Farmer Member

    He always stirred up a good debate, but that said in a debate you have to listen to and acknowledge the opposing view.
    More often than not his response however well written was more on par to the behaviour of a five year old in a sandpit.
    Much like a five year old with regard to brexit, grow up , accept it , move on.
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  7. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    He posted a dubious cartoon, which the mods deleted.
    I liked Mark # 1 Walter, who mused about buying and selling farms etc, and disliked Scottish people.
    Mark # 2 Walter that disliked the English, turned into a lefty, and worst of all a rampant remainer, I wasn't so keen on.

    I still found his posts a joy to read though. I'll miss them.
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  8. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Maybe come back as a "new member", aka ?
  9. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Well you’re a better man than I then Gunga Din.

    Personally I won’t read any post over 100 words. If you can’t make your point briefly ....
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  10. spin cycle

    spin cycle Member

    north norfolk
    i had enough and just had him on ignore
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  11. texas pete

    texas pete Member

    East Mids
    Just imagine how many "interesting" one sided conversations his poor old other half is having to listen to whilst he cruelly deprives TFF of his wisdom and wit. At least we have the ignore function as an option....She may well have earplugs though.

    She'll have the bugger back on here before to long. :D
  12. Canada Farmer

    Canada Farmer Member

    Two "Walterp's"???:eek:
    I must admit I did enjoy reading the pm's he sent me....:D
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  13. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    He generally speaks the truth however unpalatable that might be.
  14. spin cycle

    spin cycle Member

    north norfolk
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  15. Like a hole in your head
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  16. Danllan

    Danllan Member

    Sir Gar / Carms
    Let us take a moment to remember...

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  17. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    The further the Brexit fiasco unravels the more I wish there was an emergency stop button that could be hit right now.

    I was originally UKIP, but resigned before the referendum due to niggling doubts and a distaste for what I saw. I have swung this way and that since but Walter is like a niggling conscience in the background. He is right basically.

    At the minute we are like the Titanic about to hit the iceberg IMO. We think we are unsinkable and maybe we are but we are going to sustain immeasurable damage the way things are going. Pulling out of what is a free trade area with common standards at present looks more and more like madness as each day goes by.

    That's my honest opinion. I don't care what anybody thinks about it either. The time for right wing hot head idealist spouting of dogma that will never work is over.

    Mrs May and Boris are arguing over the position of the deckchairs. labour are ineffectual. Omnishambles all round. No statesmen left to save the day.
  18. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    He got concrete wellies and went for a swim.
  19. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    Thankfully scotland has an emergency stop button.

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