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Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by cattleman123, May 23, 2019.

  1. cattleman123

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    This might seem a silly question but its always mystified me,i have shed I clean out once a year,60x60 on average their are 35 cattle in their for the whole year,early on they are on add lid cake when they are sold, stores go in their for the winter on Hay or Silage they are bedded twice weekly.....cleaned the shed out yesterday 12 8ton trailer loads of muck...when you think whats gone in their it does not seem that much...hence the question.
  2. yellowbelly

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    Hopefully quite a lot of it walks down the wagon ramp and into the mart/slaughter house when you sell'em;)

    According to Monbiot, Packham, et al, they turn the rest into nasty greenhouse gases thus hastening the end of the world:bag:
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  3. Pan mixer

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    Near Colchester
    It rots, composts, volatalises, evaporates, leaks away, gets digested by cattle etc.

    Blooming good job else we would all be mucking out a lot more.
  4. neilo

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    The bacteria that are living and multiplying in it, in vast quantities, are digesting it, generating heat and moisture as they do so.
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  5. yellowbelly

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    ........unless, of course, if you're spraying your shed with Pruex :whistle::woot::bag::bag:

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  6. neilo

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    Those darned bugs still seem to be digesting the OM, just not supposed to be producing the same amount of moisture while they do it......:scratchhead:
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  7. Got rats ?
    …….they could've eat it (y)
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  8. Northeastfarmer

    It’s rotten
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  9. I think the pixies come in the night and take mine
  10. primmiemoo

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    It dries out in the shed, and shrinks?
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  11. Spuddler

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    Summer set
    I reckon housed sheep are better at it than cattle.
    For how much grub gets stuffed into them over lambing there isn't much they leave behind them.
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  12. They compact the muck a lot more tho I always find sheep sheds are harder to muck out with the skidsteer than cow sheds
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  13. The straw this year is weird. It doesnt seem to absorb and compacts down to nothing so much denser than id normally expect cattle litter to be.
  14. I never want to see ‘lovely’ golden straw again

    It’s useless and you need twice as much
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  15. Place I do a bit found the only thing to do is muck the loose housing out on a monthly cycle. Id do one lot a week. Young stock or dry cows or heifers. Then they would stay clean.

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