where to find a 3/8 to 1/4 bsp ball valve

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by dannewhouse, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    just snapped a ball valve on the band saw, it is 3/8 bsp female to 1/4 bsp bale small ball valve with plastic handle.

    where to find one, im struggling!!!
    like the 1 on the right but 1/4 instead of 3/8 male

    ball valve.jpg
  2. DrDunc

    DrDunc Member


    New about £4, but be careful it's UK stock and not being sent on a slow boat from China.

    If you can't find one with 3/8f to 1/4m, just get a brass adaptor to fit whatevers on the saw
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  3. tomlad

    tomlad Member

    nr. preston
    Symular on my mobile compressor
    I thought id got right one . Ebay 4 cheep . Wen came didn't fit which ever side , i forget , but used old valve with new un in series jobs a good un.
    Plastic handle had snapped on original valve , cheep clarke .
    WAs amazed no one local seemed to have the valves in stock.
  4. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    3/8 male to female tap, and 3/8 -1/4 reducing bush.
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  5. Netherfield

    Netherfield Member

    West Yorkshire
    Have you tried Thorite on Barge street. http://www.thorite.co.uk/
  6. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    snapped the 1/4 end on mine,
    thanks for all info can find them either 1/4 1/4 or 3/8 3/8 but cant get the step! was thinking with a bit more searching I would have just got the right bit …
  7. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Try a plumbers out let
  8. pettsy

    pettsy Member

    As above, can you not reduce one end with a bush?
  9. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    if I cant sort one im going to buy 3/8 female female and put a 1/4 3/8 male male adaptor to it.
  10. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    just been and picked something that will do the job, thanks
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