Which excavator?


The track metal is the last thing on our list for buying. Wear is generally reflected in the price. And you just get new ones with the s/h pads all bolted on from Steve woods or similar outfits. Someone on the ground looking at every pin while someone in the cab moving it. Boom out and push slew ring up and down while someone looking At ring. Pull the dipstick out of the slew box.


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Good job I haven’t any money !, or that Volvo would of been sold 10 mins after you posted it. I wouldn’t of even thought twice about going to see it, the B is the one to have as I believe its the last before all the emissions bo11ocks was put on em. I’d go Volvo every day of the week super smooth to drive and out dig anything else on the market !, I personally wouldn’t entertain one of them short ar5e zero tail swing things either.

Being skint tho, I’m looking at a 16k hour Hitachi EX 135 and having to sell a load of other stuff to even think about buying that ?

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They can tidy the digger up but they can't hide the wear in the bucket, presuming bucket is from that particular digger, I would get the seller to put a better bucket on the Volvo personally you ain't gonna be digging much with that farty thing on the end
This is what I bought in the end
2010 3.500 hrs 24 k
What I learnt after 2months looking

JCB Js 130 avoid anything after 2012 . A few had cooling isue around that time as well . You will see a little water tank behing the back window if they had the mod k The newer they are the more problematic they are

Dooson avoid . Not one good report on those

Not one person criticised anHitachi ZX 130 3
Without question that is the one to buy . But that are a bit more expensive than the rest
The later Hitachi the same problems start to kick in
Ok for a plant hire firm who changes them for new on a regular basis but if like me you buy to keep you want something as simple as possible.


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Probably give you a tour of his steam engines as well.
MJ Wilkinson
01253 701688 / 07711 701688

He has hundreds of machines of all sizes and condition. If he hasn’t he’ll know where one is !
Probably give you a tour of his steam engines as well. Found him a genuinely nice chap. Just wish he'd let me have the digger as he wouldn't have known it was gone
I've a 2005 Hitachi 13 tonne. Had 6k hours on when I bought it and put 2.5k hours on in 3.5 years and never had a problem, apart from the air con belt just snapped (and new chains and sprockets on undercarriage but that's just inevitable wear) Was 22k then. (just looked it up and actually was 20400 Inc vat. So not as much as I thought)

Can't see a 13 tonner being less than 30k looking at prices now,i may be wrong.

I'd agree a blade would be a handy tool but I've not got 1 on, how much extra would that add to a digger these days?
We have a hitachi zx135-3 with a blade, very very handy and much safer on a hill. Plus it makes tidying up after so much easier.

Cost wise we paid a premium over a non bladed machine but a blade is an 8-10k factory option


As above, the doosan 13 tonner is an odd one.. some people love them, but when we have hired new ones they are so sharp and shakey in the controls that we have near given up trying to grade with it. Strangely the bigger one we tried seemed smooth enough. Plenty of dpf trouble too with them conking out On a daily basis at one point. Can’t understand people avoiding the cat diggers.. they are the John Deere of the digger world. Good quality with great backup, in our experience anyway. Only letdown is the paint..

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