Which foot on brake auto car/truck?

Left or right foot braking?

  • Left foot

    Votes: 16 16.2%
  • Right foot

    Votes: 83 83.8%

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Both my late Father and his brother in law left foot braked with autos and could quite easily change from manual to auto as well.
They never had an accident in years of driving due to left foot braking. They also never shunted into anyone/thing while maneuvering.
I have tried it on the rare occasions I have driven autos, it is not for me. I would swap when maneuvering.


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North Yorkshire
Racing drivers use left foot braking to shift the balance when entering corners don’t think you’ll need that in your Datsun pickup... but In wet grass fields it’s good fun to get it sliding in corners

Watch this - Manual transmission with left foot braking and heel & toe. Some suicidal spectaors :eek: Turn the volume up to hear the Quattro noise!



Kirkby Lonsdale
I use left and right hand braking when descending a step field in the Nash - left hand to change down to first and right hand to drop the bucket when that fails...:inpain:
You should retrofit an emergency land brake:

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