Which growth reg are you using on w.barley?

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ccc £2/liter adjust £10/liter

Yes that's about right on the prices, which is one of the things I am questioning - why recommended adjust.

I believe it probably works better than standard ccc at low temperature, bit it is warm now.

Maybe as suggested, ccc is now out of label because of growth stage of crop.

Is any sort of CCC (even adjust) going to do any good now?

I don't suppose this rec will cost me any more than a higher rate of cerone on its own or terpal on its own.

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In old money, 1cwt per acre of ammonium nitrate is 34.5 units per acre.

This is works out to be about 42Kg N per hectare.

So if you put on 3cwt per acre, that's 103.5 units of nitrogen, or 126kg N per hectare.


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Is Red tractor detrimental to your mental health?

  • Yes, Red tractor increase my stress and anxiety

    Votes: 284 98.3%
  • No, Red tractor gives me peace of mind that the product I produce is safe to enter the food chain

    Votes: 5 1.7%

HSENI names new farm safety champions

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) alongside the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP), has named new farm safety champions and commended the outstanding work on farm safety that has been carried out in the farming community in the last 20 years.

Two of these champions are Malcom Downey, retired principal inspector for the Agri/Food team in HSENI and Harry Sinclair, current chair of the Farm Safety Partnership and former president of the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU).

Improving farm safety is the key aim of HSENI’s and the FSP’s work and...