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  1. Hello all, am in the notion of buying a flail hedgecutter for farm hedge maintenance as my hedgecutting bills are getting big. Ideal tractor to go on is a 100hp six cylinder on 710's, next biggest is 280hp and that's too big.
    Will buy secondhand and would like electrics and proportional etc. I know nothing about them so what machines do you recommend /flail type/mounting type etc?
  2. Stock

    Stock Member

    T flail, parallel arm electric controls after that the rest is up to how much you want to spend. ................................................
  3. Tractor Tim

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    Bomford hawk or falcon but it needs the heavier claims on to make a really nice job got a McConnell now and although there is nothing wrong with it just found the bomford a bit easier to use from a operator perspective
  4. What does £10K get you second hand?
  5. Stock

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    Forgot to mention the training wheels.......................................................................
  6. nick...

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    south norfolk
    Get a twose 580.cable controls,parallel reach and pretty faultless.and yes I got one ten years old and done nothing to it apart from grease and flails
  7. icanshootwell

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    My dealer told me when i bought mine just to do my place, go with cable as less trouble and cheaper, for 10k you could get a nice new Bomford with low spec but ok for just farm use.
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  8. marco

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    tipperary, ireland
    What are the cutters that weaving sell like? They seem good value?
  9. neilo

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    I bought a Bomford Falcon three years ago, electrics/proportional controls, on 3 pt linkage and in tidy order for £7k. No problems with it at all, apart from where some jessie has broken the end off an exposed hydraulic pipe (twice). Last time I replaced it (no fitters are allowed to just put a new end on now:rolleyes:), I had a short piece made up to go on the end, so I can at least just replace the last 2' section.
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  10. Tractor Tim

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    not saying they are bad but next door had 2 in a month not sure what the issue was
  11. shazza

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    I know you say it’s only for your farm but you also say the bills are getting high so I imagine your gonna clock up a good few hours, so you’ll want a decent machine. Electric controls and Vfr are a must for us, makes the day much more comfortable. Lots of low hanging trees/narrow lanes? Telescopic will help. Stick with the main brands and you won’t go far wrong

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