Which tool for min till


Durham, UK
Mans land
Although not all of it is
We`ve got it now so that one pass with a combi after the plough is all that`s needed
But always try and tread carefully so no compaction

Phil P

Arable Farmer
North West
We bought a dal-bo supermax 300 back in September and been really, really impressed with the results on our heavy ground. One pass then combi drill.
The 300 (3m) says 180hp minimum in the specs though but I believe there is a 250 (2.5m) which is rated at 150hp. I priced the equivalent KV and Sumo machines and the price gap was staggering!

This is some really heavy yellow clay that we did with it this time and there’s not a missed bit on it (unlike usually!)

ps, it doesn’t like a lot of long trash but I don’t think many do, need a pass with the discs first if it’s really trashy.
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Will 1594

Arable Farmer
Mix of land here ,
we got a knight 700 s tripple press , discs tines discs ,then double ring packer ,
lighter land once over with legs in 8/10 inch ,
heavier stuff , run legs maybe 3 ,4 inch deep ,and then low disturbance subsoiler ,
or shakerator ,with legs at 30 cm spacing on lighter going or after beet and spuds ,
then combi drill ,
do it when dry ,and get some weathering on it , works well ,
had a trio type machine but too heavy ,and better two operations ,to cultivate ,and any compaction removed as separate job ,


Arable Farmer
I’ve been looking at alternative cultivations myself. From Claydon to min till. A tined cultivator seems the best option I think, a Pottinger synkro or the likes.

I’ve heavy ground that’s usually damp so tines work best, discs lead to compaction. The sumo trio is basically both out together so really need twice the horse power.

Compaction looks to be a bigger problem with min till, so I’m asking myself a cultivator + subsoiler = more capital or more power requirement than ploughing? Or do I just hire in an extra plough man?


Mixed Farmer
Depends on what your 150hp tractor is. I've got a 2.5m trio with NG legs on a T7.210 which is 165hp rated and it is fine as long as you haven't got 1000 acres to do. I'm talking 6k if you've got it buried to 18". A lighter "pocket rocket" tractor will struggle to handle a trio. Simba X-press with ST are not really a heavy land tool, tines tend to bring up lumps which then take loads of power to break down.

Two Tone

Mixed Farmer
I’ve got a 3 metre Trio for sale if anybody is interested. Our NH TM155 never struggled with it.
I has the wide wings on at the moment but comes with 2 complete additional sets of points and standard wing sets with welded on points. The points are brand new on one set and the wings are brand new on the other set. £8,000 buys it.


PM me if interested.


Arable Farmer
Are you still planning on using your combi drill? Do you ever subsoil or is the plough enough to lift your wheeling/compaction?

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