Whisky from Metal Detecting


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Hello! I'm 31 guy who looking from permission to metal detecting in Heywood, Middleton,Rochdal,bury, ect aera .I'm member of National Council for metal detecting (NCMD) and as a member I got insurance. If I find something with very high value I will share 50-50. Any holes which I dig will covered back and land owner who gives me permission will get 4 pack of beers or bottle of whiskey to make good relationship- small gift as "thank you" :):) if interested send message or email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Any "finds" are the landowners property irrespective of value.
Finds that fall under the Treasure Act 1996 can be of very low value but must be declared & recorded.
On stewardship land all finds must be recorded to ensure compliance.

Just some advice............

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