White-tailed eagle killed in West Sussex with dangerous banned pesticide


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We had this bird stay on the farm for a couple of days over lambing last year, it was incredible to see. There are a few of them who have fledged off the Isle of White and come over to the main land.


After having a Raven do this to a hoggets lamb at the weekend I’d be tempted in getting some myself😡😡
Yes that’s his guts trailing behind him, no chance for the Poor wee bugger


Livestock Farmer
sw scotland
Could never condone deliberate poisoning but there is going to have to be a balance somehow. Started 20 pairs around Mull and now over 600 on west coast getting down to north of Glasgow. In spite of denials, now accepted they take lambs and on some farms we are talking about a lot. Why would you dive for a fish when there are plenty of dopey lambs who don't look up much.
Great for tourism as they are magnificent but farmers need compensating for feeding them.
Once a few toy poodles get lifted Joe Public might not find them so impressive.


According to google it’s for use against wasps and ants indoors .
Sounds like something used in the pest control industry rather than agriculture, I can find no reference to it being banned as in the thread title
I believe it is banned in Scotland and the EU and the 80% version has lost its authorisation but the 1.25% powder is still available for bee/wasp/ant control.. The bird allegedly had 7x a lethal dose in its system so one imagines that would require the strong stuff...


Bury St Edmunds
All toxicological tests are done using certain standards. They use LD50 as a test of the toxicity. Thisis the dose which will kill 50% of the lab animal. The standard of course is rats but they can use other creatures .
it is known that LD 50 is a very imprecise way of assessing the dangers of a particular material, with many animals showing no issue with exposure while many others of closely related species being damaged severely.
We now know that if the proverbial Guinea Pig were used for testing penicillin, it would never have reached the doctors as it is very poisonous to them

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