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Who to follow on twitter?

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by TelesnaAg, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Ive joined the twits..is there anyngood people to follow who arent drowning in chemical?

  2. rob1

    rob1 Member

    donald trump always good for a laugh :rolleyes:
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  3. Hes going to tweet his way into a war and bomb his way out...

    Must be some good holistic progressive farmers and teachers etc...

  4. phillipe

    phillipe Member

    No one
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  5. Pilgrimmick

    Pilgrimmick Member

    Cannot see the point of twitter. You are better off here!

    (@Clive Think I should be on commission!)
  6. Its funny you say that..i dont see the point of the bl**dy thing...all ive seen so far a pics with one sentence and links to news articles..?? Seems to be useless..i like more indepth stuff like on here...

    I followed some crypto coin junkies who talk crap so flicked that...its just another thing to check on...

  7. I find twitter great. Just got to follow the right people.
    I have learnt heaps and am still learning from twitter.
    I'm @CKMonty
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  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy Member

    Me to! Just depends what you want from it but that goes for all types of social media. I use it as a free form of advertising and keeping up with stuff I am. interested in. Yes there is some really weired stuff and it's best avoided. You can find me @PandR_JGill if you want to
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
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  9. Jim Bullock

    Jim Bullock Never Forgotten

    I like twitter as you are limited to the number of characters you put on each tweet so it filters out long winded rants
    Follow me on @JimbullockCA
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  10. I am a big fan of the long winded rant!!!!... I live giving them i love reading them....

    Ok ok ok i hear all your groans and moans...i'll start adding yall...

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  11. Whats all this hash tagging bull*hit about?

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  12. Clive

    Clive Staff Member


    All essential following :)
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  13. Why is my photo gallery not in order? Its random? Can this be fixed?

  14. A1an

    A1an Member

    I take it that because we are on a farming forum you are referring to farming twittererers? I cant help you there.

    I'm a bit of an F1 fan so follow a lot of the teams/driver/commentators.

    If you are in to processing some of your own animals the @scottreaproject is definitely worth a follow. He has the ability to explain things like no other, he's also got a quirky sense of humour. He's got a cracking YouTube channel too.
  15. I wish some folk I know were limited to 140 characters in a sentence .
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  16. Its shite...when i go to select a pic from gallery there not in order i took the pics...every other application i use no problem..
    Why is this random?

  17. Is there a gallery on twitter?

    I just post pictures with a comment on twitter.
  18. When i go to select a pic from my phone its not in order by date...if i go to post on fb pics are in gallery are in order with newest first.
  19. Think your phone does not like twitter. Mine are always in order.
    I usually take pics during the day and then put one or two up off my phone when I am home.
    I do this so I can check on my IPad that it has only posted once and delete extras. My phone often says that the uploads failed, but when I look on the iPad it has posted the same picture 3 times.
  20. phil

    phil Member

    Just follow as you go
    Mute if annoying you
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