Who's at the national this year ?

Discussion in 'Competition Ploughing' started by ploughman61, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. ploughman61

    ploughman61 Member

    Just wondering who is going to be ploughing at this years national, been past the site today hill ploughmen may have an advantage. :whistle:(n)
  2. Dealer

    Dealer Member

    Take it it's nice and flat then.
  3. ploughman61

    ploughman61 Member

    Eight hundred acre field over the road is(y)(y)
  4. Dealer

    Dealer Member

    Taunton wasn't a snooker table last year either.

    Can't be many hills in Warwickshire
  5. ploughman61

    ploughman61 Member

    They've found them !
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  6. Griff

    Griff Member

    See you there!
  7. Dealer

    Dealer Member

  8. arcobob

    arcobob Member

    Not b..... likely.
  9. cropmaster

    cropmaster Member

    Yes (comp no 17 )
  10. msheep66

    msheep66 Member

    Mid Wales
    Which is the best day to go as a spectator?
  11. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    We're going up on Sunday (Fergie's will be ploughing that day) and I think the weather looks slightly brighter but unsure if I'm ploughing at Morville yet!
  12. madmatt

    madmatt Member

    Spectating sunday
  13. Not this year - too much to do. Dragged me all the way to Taunton last year to judge - not asked this year when its closer to home - :( - obviously didn't agree with my placings last year;)
    Cropmaster will be letting out a sigh of relief :)
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  14. ploughman61

    ploughman61 Member

    Don't think he's ploughing reversible entry was too late , must be in db class, they don't appear like good judges who know what they are looking for, and are honest in their opinion. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  15. Judging by the entry number he’s got (see above) I’d say he’s in class 1??
    Ha ha, you and me both
  16. ploughman61

    ploughman61 Member

    Need to put your glasses on its class 17(n)
  17. Or you do! Says comp no 17!!!
    That’s why your not judging
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  18. Junior

    Junior Member

    I’m ploughing in the classic plot 110
  19. Fergie Ploughman

    Cheshire, UK
    Plot 87....drove past tonight, does look a little hilly! Frickin' windy over hear as well...

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