Who's finding the NHS very hard work??????

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    I was unsure if this should be in the WTF thread, as I find this unbelievable!


    Jeremy Hunt has been awarded a Humanitarian Award for patient safety despite overseeing the biggest crisis in the history of the National Health Service.

    The Health Secretary was awarded the accolade for his global leadership on patient safety at the World Patient Safety Summit this weekend.

    According to Nursing Notes, previous winners of the award include President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Patrick H. Conway – all of whom worked tirelessly towards free and equal access to healthcare services in the US.

    But as well as overseeing a period of crisis in the NHS, Hunt has also presided over the dismantling of the health service as private partners gobble up vast chunks of the tax-funded health body.

    Article continues here :


    The Summit was held in London, so we, the tax payers, paid for it. So he runs a Summit and effectively gives himself an award.
    Words fail me...:mad:
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  3. Our experience of the local/regional NHS services have been examplary in recent years and I shall shortly be writing to the directors of the RUH in Bath to tell them how amazing the hospital and team were during the x2 child birth incidents we had. I now use the local surgery down the road and they could not be more helpful.
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    I do agree when it works it's brilliant. Most of my experiences have been on the brilliant end.
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    Surprisingly Jeremy Hunt has led on lots of patient safety ideas & systems. Mostly relating to "never events" as we call them....things like operating on the wrong bit or leaving bits behind in folk!
    He is pretty well thought of by execs & the like and, if you take the politics away from it, he`s doing a decent job with other things like scan4safety & prescribing errors.
    The "politics" about "selling off the NHS" is actually wrong..it was Blair & Labour that kicked off PFI`s & Privatisation.... JH is backing away from that and Trusts are forming LLP`s so (almost) getting the best of both worlds. ;)
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    My nephew, who works in a major hospital, holds the key to this.... he has Aspergers and was brilliant at his job, making sure that bits were not left behind in folk, if 10 swabs were put in then he was obsessive about making sure 10 swabs came out! (Now works on the IT side).
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    The NHS is good WHEN you get yourself in to the system.

    It’s just a problem getting in.
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    I shouldn`t quote myself like some kind of Mystic Meg but......

    Yesterday we announced that all our Facilities and Procurement are being shifted to an LLP after the Interserve fiasco...
    "The Trust Board is committed to maintaining Agenda for Change terms and conditions (or their equivalent) within the partnership for both existing and new staff and to maintaining the partnership in wholly NHS ownership. There will be no return to a privatised model."

    So they say...... but how long will their commitment last? After 2 years they can start amending contracts...roll on retirement...
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    As some interesting figures for last winter have been released its update time.
    BTW the LLP mentioned above has been blocked by NHS Improvement on Government advice because of the potential of VAT avoidance. :stop:

    That aside: For "Winter 2017 which ran till March 2018"
    Compared to the previous Winter season...
    • 400,000 more people called NHS 111
    • 290,000 more people attended A&E departments
    • 100,000 more people were admitted to hospital as an emergency
    • every day during winter, over 55,000 people were seen in A&E and admitted or discharged within four hours
    Can read the whole shazam here: https://improvement.nhs.uk/documents/3201/NHS_review_of_winter_2017.18.pdf
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    West Wales
    7 weeks minimum for ordinary GP appointment
    10 months wait to see a Consultant
    3 year wait minimum to get on a Dentist list, and that within a 60 mile radius
    3 week wait for breast cancer tests, and then another 3 months for results.

    The Welsh NHS is broken.
  11. The NHS has some real issues and they haven't shown up yet. You wait until they run out of nurses in a few years time.

    3 years of degree= £36,000.

    Entry level wage for nurses?

    You do the maths.
  12. Ha, don't go getting distracted from doctor studies by a forum, (n)

    focus man. focus (y)
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    And if you want employ someone from out side the UK they have to earn......

    'For the rest of the world, specific categories of visas are needed to come and work or study in the UK, including one for "skilled workers" - who usually have to earn at least £30,000 and have a job offer'

    Well that's really funny because a qualified nurse earns far less than this target wage when they first start working for the NHS, and care assistants even less. After ten years they will be still be under this limit.
    I do not know what I am offended buy more, that I or my daughter do not earn enough to be classed as skilled although we both have three years training, she works in ITU and I have a vast amount of experience from ITU, transplant,to end of life care or that the workers that work long hours so that we can buy veg in our supermarkets are seen as virtually valueless.

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