Wifi lighting control.

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  1. HI , is it possible or does anyone know if you can switch lights on in a remote building that has a wifi bridge using wifi . Putting a ptz camera in there and just incase its too dark I thought it would be handy to be able to turn extra lights on while viewing camera .
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    Would be interested in doing similar
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    Yes you can use wifi or ethernet:
    these are wifi relays, not used myself as I try to always use ethernet cable ones due to better network reliability.
    They have a webpage in them so that you can remotely switch the relay, which you then need to wire to your light switch.

    I also use these with other programs elsewhere to turn things on based on readings from sensors etc, Raspberry Pi etc.

    But these relays can work alone.

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    really easy using a few wifi plugs or switches (even amazon sell them) around £30 each - you can even connect them to Alexa and have voice control if you want to get clever !
  5. Thanks for the advice will look into it
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  7. I have finally got the ptz up and running over a wifi bridge , cant believe the quality . Reading tags at over 75ft . Now its dark ,can clearly see cattle at 100ft with no light so might just leave 2 led 15w bulbs on all night to to improve it even more ...wont break the bank
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    What PTZ camera are you using?
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    Which camera kit did you fit?
  10. Hi I'm using a Hikvision PTZ

    The chap, James at spycameracctv was very helpful ,seemed to understand farming folk;) and what they wanted. I did have a friend help me configure a few things but their help line was very good when I was on my own . Camera was less than £350 +vat Taken a few pictures with the software which you can do or video . Pictures were taken in near darkness , one 10w led bulb 40 ft away in another building to left of picture . First picture taken at one end of 120ft shed , you can see the cow I zoomed in on just over the gate which would be about 60ft .In day light you can count the hairs on their noses .I'm very pleased with it , thought I'd have had to spend a lot more for this quality . Hope this helps Cow Cam 1_Camera1_Cow Cam 1_20180315193253_30548567.jpg Cow Cam 1_Camera1_Cow Cam 1_20180315193057_30432659.jpg
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