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I need to put some AB9 in, I don’t want to spend much so I was thinking I have barley, wheat and OSR in the shed if I mix that up and providing none make up more than 70% of the mix will NE be happy? Obviously I won’t have a seed invoice but I would make a record and put it in the stewardship file.
I read it that there's quite a bit of flexibility if you read @Brisel s link and you would probably be ok. Obviously you must include kale if its a 2 year mix. I would be tempted to buy a few other bits and pieces eg linseed, sunflowers etc to chuck in. Won't cost a lot and will make it 'look' a lot better.
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Flail mower and then plough or rotavate? Glyphosate if required. To buy some kit to establish a few acres shouldn’t break the bank if contractor won’t come. Eg 3 furrow reversible rotavator and 3m drill.
Drilling isn't the issue, it's spraying and cultivating. I hand sow spring mixes and autumn goes in when the wheat is drilled. We're talking plots of less than an acre.

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