Will sheep cake be £300 a ton at lambing

Speaking to a feed rep this week and he's said there feed has just gone up £30 a ton this week and sheep feed will be £300 a ton by lambing

Bob c

Livestock Farmer
get told this all the time ,....steel price going up they put there price up
i find another supplier who is keen
first supplier soon puts his price back down

just trying it on so you order some think you will beet price rise

Stewartry hill

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May.well.be there or thereabouts for a topend ewe roll.with wheet £200 + and other straights well up hope not or these cheap gimmer s where not so cheap
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First good summer we get in years that lasts about 5 weeks and it fuks every damned thing up and we make less money, would be a joke if it were funny.

Crap summer here, dry as 1976 if not drier.

It's a small island we live on but regional variances are massive. Ive had less and 50mm of rain since April.


I wouldn't be surprised to see it near the 300/t mark, lamb creep in 1/2t bags is 300/t now so in bulk I'd expect it £30/t cheaper and that's now not next February, can't see ewe nuts being any cheaper.

Nithsdale Farmer

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The concern for this coming winter is the Sugar Beet situation.

Laumar store in Dumfries is one of Tridents main Beet-pulp stores and is where all their bagging takes place for UK. They have a WW2 air craft Hangar which hold thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of tonnes. We were in today, there is a tiny heap of 150tonnes in the corner. Nobody is lifting beet yet, hoping for rain - as it is so shriveled up and small due to the drought it isn't really worth harvesting.

Beet-pulp sets the feed price, and everything else runs accordingly.

This situation is also a knock on from the spring, where beet processing stopped for the 'year' long before we all stopped feeding our 'stock which ate hard into their usual 'carry over' of supply.


Well if it means the wheat in my shed is going out at £200/tonne I am all for it... The sheep may go hungry, finished lambs will only be worth £50 quid by this time next year anyway.

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