Wind Farm on tenanted land

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  1. Bungee123

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    Can anyone help please, I am a tenant farmer in Scotland and there is a wind farm going up on some of the land which I currently farm. I have been told to remove my stock for 2 years from some of my land. Am I entitled to compensation?
  2. You need a good agent and quick.
  3. Not wishing to drop names, but Davidson & Robertson should be able to help.

  4. deere 6600

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    Yip first class company that know there stuff get them on board soon as
  5. Formatted

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    Landlord trying to pull a fast one. Contact the Tenant Farmers Association, membership is not expensive and they will be a great help. Agent is also important.
  6. tommyurray

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    I’d be expecting some of the fat in your position not crumbs! And I’d expect to be sitting at the table, don’t think landlord can remove you from your tenanted land ie the bits you have to give up for access roads and infrastructure also if you don’t have stock on it you are not able to claim ago/ lfass I’d do as others say here and get a good agent , join Tennant farmers and use your legal insurance if you have it
    good luck

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