Wood burner recommendations.

melted welly

Arable Farmer
Had a clear view pioneer oven before we moved, it was brilliant. Casserole in the oven, coffee pot on the top.
now got 2 Aarrow wood burners and they’re good, but I think the clear view was more controllable and more efficient

Mur Huwcun

Livestock Farmer
North West Wales
A big un .

As big as possible!! You can always open the door!!! Installers here would not go over 5kw due to size if room and vent requirement. I wanted a bigger one and would of core drilled the wall for a vent. We’re always nice and warm here but you never get the waw feeling of heat unless you close living room door. Parents have an 8kw one that the cat won’t get to close and they can never close door but it heats more than just that room which is ideal.
Had a nice bonus on a job we are doing at the moment


Livestock Farmer
Woodwarm here.

I shopped around and found a refurbished one from a dealer. He told me there would be a 20% discount as it had a new boiler. Then he corrected himself, saying. "Sorry, I made a mistake. It's not 20% discount". My heart sank. "It's 30%". I said, "I'm on my way!"

I have also managed to pick up a Jotul 118 which must be 60 years old that I am restoring. Jotul is one of the original wood stove manufacturers and this model is pretty much unchanged since it was first designed which says something.

Woodwarm had one at my last job! Gave loads of heat and could put one log on it and it will still be warm in the morning!


Livestock Farmer
sw scotland
According to Countryfile they will kill you with pollutants higher than a main trunk road. Wood has to be dry obviously.
I was brought up with open fires and logs sizzling and smoke into the room.
My father's gravestone should say 'don't bang the door on the way out'.

If we are going to grow all these trees, someone has to burn them in the future

Fast Farmer

Livestock Farmer
Clearview, bit overpriced though IMO or classic Rayburn, good top to cook on, large oven, built in back boiler just need to cut logs into Lego bricks 😅


Arable Farmer
Wwww, why? We have one
Cant get it to stay in overnight, smokes room out whenever we light it....so bad we dont use it.

Have had no problems with fires or woodburners before and i grew up in a house where the only source of heat was the above. Also have no issues lighting and using others at in laws or parents.

Just my experience but i wouldn't touch one again, its basically an expensive feature in our house that does nothing.

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