Workers wanting more than Managers

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Arable Farmer
And lorry drivers will want more than the combined wage of the manager and pickers to deliver the produce. Interesting times ahead for growers.:eek:
Talking to a farm manager on large veg operation.

Casual workers now wanting more than his wage.

Good growing season but my veg is selling well, so perhaps true.

How do they pick strawberries for 40p per punnet, which is what I paid yesterday.
I don't know, it is ten years since I was on fruit haulage and the top earners on piece work in the packhouse were picking up £120+ a day!


Mixed Farmer
Casual or seasonal workers are temporary and as such need to maximise their income in a short period. Piece work is a way of doing this, the harder you work the more you earn. I am sure on a day to day basis they may out earn the manager at times but on a month by month or yearly basis i doubt they’ll out earn the manager and if he’s unhappy he can start picking or look for another job.
And lorry drivers will want more than the combined wage of the manager and pickers to deliver the produce. Interesting times ahead for growers.:eek:

I think you will find that a lot of lorry drivers in the Dairy industry are on more than their managers-12 hour shifts, unsocial hours and O/T and double time on Sundays & Bank Holidays soon adds up.

(As I typed that , I thought there's a lot of farmers for whom such terms will be like a foreign language!)

Even five years ago, I was in charge of drivers who were on 50% gross more than me. Bur they were working Friday-Monday on 4 x 12 hour night shifts so only did about 8 hours out of 48 on "basic"


There was a time not long ago I was impressed if someone was on £9 an hour. After 2 years of my current job i dream of handing in my notice but I cannot see a way of starting a family and taking less than my £13.50 an hour at the moment. As much as I would love to make a career in agriculture, I’m struggling to find an opportunity. There’s chicken shed washing for £11 but while I’m financially stable it would be stupid of me to apply. Currently enquiring over doing my class 2 and cpc. No doubt there’s high wages in places but professional driving is looking more £9 - £12 at the moment. I’m often taken with @7610 super q posts, it really feels that commodities will be priced far higher than is in reach. My employer is a fine example. The current minimum wage increase was hailed as a success by unions, employers just counteracted this increase by slashing staffing hours by 50 percent. There’s very few winners if wages/takings cant keep up with inflation

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