Working in NZ for next year.

Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by happycows, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Chippy

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    I’d also recommend Marvin Farms. I saw a lot of both islands and milked on 5 different farms in 6 months
  2. trexcf

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    Got back from 6 months in NZ the week before Christmas, throughly recommend! I was @ Will Graylings in Ashburton, Canterbury's the place to go if looking at scale, great place to travel too
  3. Devon lad

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    Mid Devon
    Donald Anderson Taranaki and Leone Guiney Fairlie are a couple I would recommend
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  4. From my limited experience, Canterbury is great to look at, but boring after a while. The waikato is much more interesting.
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  5. trexcf

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    Definitely wouldn't want to stay there for good but perfect for 4 or 5 months of intensive dairy work, 45 mins to get Skiing to was a great plus side too, but could be considered the most boring part of an otherwise amazing country
  6. multi power

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    Carturbury was for me by far the best part of NZ, yes there are lots of other nice places but for me the plains were pure paradise
    In fact the only thing wrong with the plains is that I'm not there now
  7. Irish NZ

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    Rose tinted specs of somewhere you were 20years ago.
  8. Southland looks a interesting area to work!
  9. Just a quick update as i've been talking to @Irish NZ . My son got a 10 month contract working on a new venture with 450 cows near Otorohanga in the Waikato region. Flies out on the 27th of May. so thanks everyone for your advice and pointers. Fingers crossed it goes well for them all.
  10. TomD

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    Lovely part of the country tell him to visit hadads (think that’s how you spell it) in the middle of otorohanga hell of a place to get kitted out for clothing
  11. Hanzon jobs. Richard will help you out. Has good farms on his books. You’ll find them on the internet.

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