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No. But will we have any choice in 10 years time ?
They look fudgeing expensive to my mind. + your petrol/ diesel will be worth fudge all as a trade in. Double wammy.

Will there be an exemption for classic cars / tractors in future ?😰
Attach a windscreen wiper motor to aid the front wheels. That will make them environmentally friendly 'hybrids.'

spin cycle

north norfolk
Fairly sure of my answer , 2 questions , no fence sitting

except 'multiple answers are allowed'...so i voted 'yes' & 'no' 😁

The new Volvo xc60 is 70 grand ffs ,

m8 just bought entry level tesla £51k.....top o range £100k:oops:

was thinking today it's gonna kill caravanning....anything electric that can tow is so expensive that the owners are more the type for barn conversions/hotels :scratchhead: .....also it's gonna kill a lot of filling stations like my local:(


Living in a rural area I just don't have the mileage profile to justify electric at present. On the one hand I regularly do a lot of short journeys which whilst ideal for electric wouldn't justify the extra £6k minimum that they cost, then each year I do a smallish number of journeys in our various vehicles that would far exceed the range of present day electric vehicles. If I'm on a 350 mile journey which is 175 miles one way, 30 minutes at destination and 175 miles back I don't really want to be queuing for charging stations at motorway service areas.

Phil P

Arable Farmer
North West

Would consider an electric tractor for feeder wagon and perhaps farm truck but for pleasure, V6 as a minimum
V8 or go home 😉.

Short term the up side is hopefully fuel prices will start to drop as there’s less petrol/diesel cars on the road, which will make my 4.6 v8 economic to run at sub 15mpg 😂.

Work vehicle wise I’m waiting on the Ford ranger lightning (or whatever it’s called) to come to the uk. Not that I can afford one 😔


Daughters company car does 35 ish miles on electric only then reverts to petrol. Company reps doing 1000 miles a week will become thing of the past. She had to meet another rep on farm before going back to a dealership to resume the deal. Finance rep couldn’t make the dealership as his electric only car wouldn’t make it home after and there was no charging facility at said dealership. There is going to be a fundamental shift in how we all operate as a consequence. Maybe we will have to live closer to work, shop local and buy spares locally again.

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