Wouldn’t it be exciting

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  1. if the government actually lost today?:D

    If that does happen then presumably a general election is called and article 50 is put back.
    Manifestos would be fascinating
  2. I think the procedure is there is 14 day period, where the Common's attempts to find a government that can command the confidence of a majority in the House, before an election can be called.

  3. Seems unlikely
  4. True, but that is the way the procedure is.

    "A 14-day countdown is started if a majority of MPs vote for the motion - and a general election will be called if, during that period, the government or any other alternative government cannot win a new vote of confidence.
    These 14 days are calendar days and not the days in which Parliament is sitting - so the deadline would be Wednesday 30 January.
    If there is to then be an election, the earliest it could happen would be 25 working days.
    Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, UK general elections are only supposed to happen every five years. At the moment, the next one is due in 2022.
    Mrs May has already said that she will not be leading the Conservatives into the 2022 general election".

  5. That’s true, so a Tory leadership contest first.

    My oh my, who could they win with out the the current choice?
  6. I think an election is what we need, the brexiteers can sack the MP's that won't enable Brexit to happen and get the Brexit they want .
    I don't think we are going to see a Brexit at all by the logic of last nights vote.
    Commentators say MP's are united against no deal but the deal won't do , the EU say there is no new deal so no Brexit is the only way left?
  7. Obviously there isn't time for a full Conservative leadership contest, so it would be solely up the Conservative MPs to chose a new leader, from an ERG/DUP prospective that would be a potentially more dangerous option from their point of view.

  8. General election giving a liberal government on a remain manifesto. Sounds good. (y)
  9. I am a bit lost to know why Corbyn called it?
  10. Funny though but no-one wants to vote for the liberals!
    Maybe loads of tories should follow Churchills lead and cross the floor to stay in the EU, now that would tighten Laura Kuesnberg's ass !
  11. Didn't the LDs at the last election stand on that platform and got around 7.4% (12 seats) of the vote:whistle:

  12. Yes. They are a nothing party at the moment:(

    I’ll bet they would get a lot more ...
  13. He doesn't have much choice as the loyal opposition as I understand it, parliamentary convention as much as anything when Govt. can't get its central plank through the house the house has to decide if it has confidence or not.
    Strange really that the Govts MP's will likely say they have confidence tonight but just not in what they are trying to do as the GOVt?
    Confused yet , I am !
  14. Presumably he doing it to paint the Conservatives as weak and divided while at the same time avoiding committing his own divided party to any firm course of action and attempting to portray themselves as united against the Conservatives etc.
  15. caveman

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    East Sussex.
    Mrs May boxed him into a corner.
    Put up or shut up or somebody else can put up.
    Brilliant on her part.
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  16. Got something right then:rolleyes:
  17. caveman

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    East Sussex.
    Right on.
    Gets a lot of shite out of the way today.
  18. True and what Conservative's MPs opposed to May and/or Brexit is going to side with the opposition and face immediate deselection and withdrawal of the party whip etc
  19. Stewart Setter

    very interesting times... I wonder when the movie will be produced !!
  20. Two Tone

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    Coz he's an idiot!
    I wouldn't get your hopes up that he will succeed.

    All he is doing is placing his party above the needs of the Country.
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