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Anyone know how to setup one of these?

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  1. Jimmybb

    Jimmybb New Member

    Any one know how to setup one of these

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  2. Spencer

    Spencer Member

    North West
    Nope.. but try moving it to the machinery section, may get more help there. Maybe a mod could move? @JP1
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  3. JP1

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  4. Mur Huwcun

    Mur Huwcun Member

    North West Wales
    KV and Vicon used to be very good at having operator manuals available online on their portal. Have you had a look?
  5. Mur Huwcun

    Mur Huwcun Member

    North West Wales
  6. v8willy

    v8willy Member

    LP means low power I think from memory.
  7. Jimmybb

    Jimmybb New Member

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  8. Jimmybb

    Jimmybb New Member

    Had a long trawel through the Internet and no luck
  9. Jimmybb

    Jimmybb New Member

  10. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    Get on the kverneland website. Follow it through to service and parts. You will be able to find the instructions book.
    If as suggested above it's low voltage then you need to connect direct to the battery with proper hard wired connectors. Crocodile clips are no good.
  11. Dog&stick

    Dog&stick Member

    I'm sure Lp (loading protection)fault code is the sensor (or wires) open circuit to the loading arm, well it was on the one we had.
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