Roads like that, built over underlying peat, (even though a lot are straight) sink in some places and not in others ( I guess, depending on the depth of peat below shrinking at different rates).

Some similar roads around here. I was told it had something to do with the peat absorbing water and then drying out repeatedly causing the tarmac to crack and bend. There's some they removed the road and dug out 10ft of stuff under them and then put a new road down about 20 years ago, as the road was a long way above the fields previously. The road is starting to get pretty uneven again now though. You can get cracks appearing anywhere in the road several inches wide, and the worst sections the tarmac can be so uneven you need good 4x4 clearance not to scrape. If it is wet, all you need is a wheel off and the grass verges will just give way and you go down as the surrounding land is below the road. There have been countless heavy vehicles at 45 degrees on the sides of the roads over the years.

s line

In Cheltenham this morning


West Somerset
I know a few people who have piped brakes into the spool valves so brakes don’t come on when empty 😂
Many years ago I installed a trailer brake using the spool, very excitedly I whacked it on when leaving the field down the hill for the first time. Axle came completely off, trailer on road stopped pretty quickly mind you. Had plenty of time to contemplate my engineering prowess whilst shovelling 7 t of wheat out.

Will 1594

Arable Farmer
Trucks are boring too watch though KP, maize harvesting with loads of tractors and trailers is easily the most entertaining agricultural spectacle on the farming calender.

It must also be said that fen roads are very bumpy which can catch out even careful drivers.
Pretorias use the most unsuitable black Larrington trailers for bumpy fen roads. O Neils also use RLs but much better designed ones as the pictures below illustrate
so who was the hero ,who backed into a fasttrack ,with a silage trailer either last night or night before ,at the clamp, made a right mess ,

Bald n Grumpy

Livestock Farmer
Can see why energy prices are going up, can't understand how you can tip things over so easily on the flat. Don't think the drivers would be able to stand up let alone drive on some of the maize ground around me!

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