YAMS 2020 - 5th Feb 2020 - York Auction Centre


I think it will just be a breach of the Highway Code parking near junctions, I once got asked to move my car from a junction as I wasn’t more than 10 meters away from it. There was signs saying the car park was full so use the park and ride when I arrived at 11am. Some people must of been so excited to go that they couldn’t drive to the park and ride.

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Statement from Richard Tasker at YAMS on the parking issues raised earlier in the thread.

“I confirm that all the traffic management and parking is operated by a very experienced and professional company who are also mostly made up of retired and ex-traffic police officers. As such they have it very well organized and contingency plans in place for every eventuality. There was also space available in one or other of our parks and traffic was kept moving at all times. There is very clear highways "No Parking" signage on the public roads and I regret that we can not help those who ignored this and ended up with a parking ticket. Not only does it endanger other highway users but it causes us unnecessary complaints from local residents and other road users. Clearly we can only manage traffic on our own site and have no authority on the public roads.”

If this had been the NEC all the cars would have been towed within minutes.

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