Yellow patches in winter barley

Question from a dairy farmer for you corn men
WB drilled 10th sept after plough & combination into cracking seed bed
Very quick & even germination. Reasonable amount of rain since but ground still "sound"
Last couple of weeks sporadic patches of yellow appearing. Probably worse at ends.
What do you think ?
yellow barley.jpg


Need more photos really. What is the spread of these plants? You say worse on ends, which might be overdosing effect of herbicide but impossible to diagnose from that one photo. Presume it's been sprayed? Do those yellow leaves have green fresh leaf coming through to replace the yellow?
Thanks for the replies.
No sign of wireworm damage.
New leaves look clean, just the bottom leaf yellow
Yes had pre em , the yellow bits dont match sprayer overlap or dodgy nozzles

It`s heavy land, was very dry when drilled so was rolled.
Last couple of years when there has been moisture about at drilling we did not roll.
So I`m thinking compaction most likely cause
If it is wireworm, you will be able to pull up leaves individually as they will have been chewed off. You may even find an offending wireworm.

It's not pre-em damage in my opinion.

Get this sometimes in barley just does a bit yellow because it can, particularly where it has been growing on but been hit by a bit of cold and wet. It is normally transient but you may find manganese and a bit of something like yaras magphos K will bring it on. Used to do some but not always. If you are going to do a BYDV pass, you can put this in with the pyrethroid.

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