yellow vest protests

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jpd, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. jpd

    jpd Member

    rep of irl
    i am watching the live feed of the protests in paris on rt on youtube.
    it must be having detrimental effects on saturday business in the city
  2. betweenthelines

    Seeing as the trouble makers are wearing Hi viz, why are the Gendarmes having so much trouble picking them out?
  3. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    I have a feeling that if I was French then I’d be out with them.

    Shame there’s a load of troublemakers hiding in their midst though.
  4. Raider112

    Raider112 Member

    The BBC never seem to report it now, it must not match their agenda.
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  5. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Their next move is to try and get all the yellow vests to withdraw all their Euros from the banks to cause a run on the French banks.

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