YEN Awards 2021 at the Croptec Show!

Brid @ ADAS

Grassland Exhibitor
The Cereal and Oilseed Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Awards are open to everyone at The Croptec Show, 24 November at 3.30pm. With 260 cereal entries and 70 oilseed entries, competition for this year’s Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Awards promises to be tight. Exclusive technical webinars for members will be held later in the year.

At the awards, Croptec attendees will have the opportunity to glean technical insights from ADAS crop physiologists into the yields achieved in 2021. The winners of greatest yield and greatest potential yield will be announced. This will include awards for highest yield and highest potential yield in each region. After the award presentation, the winners will share with the audience their strategies and routes to success. There will be a chance for the audience to ask the winners a question.


3.30 Welcome and introduction (Tom Allen-Stevens)

3.35 Introduction to YEN & season summary (Roger Sylvester-Bradley, ADAS)

3.40 Insights from NFU (Tom Bradshaw, NFU)

3.55 YEN Awards presentation

4.35 Winners’ forum

5.15 YEN 2022 and beyond (Daniel Kindred, ADAS)

5.30 Wrap up and Close (Tom Allen-Stevens)

To attend Croptec and join us at the YEN Awards, register for a free ticket at

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