YEN Nutrition - a new grain analysis and nutrition benchmarking service from ADAS

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In time for harvest 2020, ADAS has launched a new YEN initiative called YEN Nutrition – to support those seeking to improve the nutrition of arable crops.
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YEN Nutrition provides comprehensive grain analysis on all 12 essential crop nutrients and allows participants to benchmark their crops’ nutritional performance against other growers.

When used in conjunction with soil and leaf analysis, YEN Nutrition will reveal the final status of the crop, and empower growers to make the right nutritional choices to enhance their future crop yields, field by field.

Membership is open to anyone from the UK or abroad for any grain crop - cereals, oilseeds, or pulses.

Membership of YEN Nutrition provides:
  • A grain sampling kit with instructions, a poster, labels, sample list, sample bags and an addressed pre-paid postage bag.
  • Analysis of six (or more) grain samples for all 12 nutrients
  • Three reports:
    • Nutrient Offtake Report - shortly after samples and crop yields are received.
    • Nutrient Benchmarking Report - October or November 2020.
    • Annual YEN Nutrition Review - February 2021.
To learn more and to register, please see


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Brid @ ADAS

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Prof. Roger Sylvester-Bradley, Head of Crop Performance at ADAS, explains a new grain analysis and nutrient benchmarking service YEN Nutrition

Brid @ ADAS

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For the Agritech-E online Innovation Hub last week, Roger Sylvester-Bradley, Head of Crop Performance at ADAS, and David Clarke, Soil Scientist at NIAB were part of a podcast to discuss the results of 120 year-long field trials, and the Yield Enhancement Network competition findings.

Have a listen to:
  • Learn what the second generation of ADAS’ Yield Enhancement Network is all about
  • Hear about a world-first approach to understanding crop nutrition requirements
  • Understand how 120-year old crop trials are still providing invaluable information to modern farming
  • Listen to experts explain how you can save money on fertiliser costs while still maintaining your yields
  • Learn about why changes are being made to phosphate fertiliser guidance
Check it out here

Brid @ ADAS

Grassland Exhibitor
Curious about how grain analysis can help your yields? 🌾 Prof Roger Sylvester-Bradley joined AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds last week for a webinar to give the full low down on this new method of assessing crop nutrition. Take a look

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