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  1. Theirs a gang of us off to costa del Blackpool in 2 weeks need some celver witty slogans for some t shirts anybody got any suggestions ? dont have to be rude/ dirty just something funny / witty / clever maybe about brexit or vegans ,
    any suggestions ? cheers
  2. 7610 super q

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    Screenshot (681).png
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  3. kfpben

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    Mid Hampshire
    My personal favourite...

    ‘To use a feather is kinky....
    To use a chicken is perverted’!

    Hope it goes well and they raise lots of money for the charities.
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    East Essex
  5. MF565

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    Couple banded about locally. Funyfc over the young farmers banner and another RIP NYFC. Reminds me I've got to tell my club we shoudlnt be attending it at tonight meeting.

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