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Discussion in 'Weather' started by aggravated farmer, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Hfd Cattle

    Hfd Cattle Member

    Long time since I've had to wear waterproof leggings to walk round the stock in June
  2. onthehoof

    onthehoof Member

    Glad we Farm the 2nd driest Farm in the country - unofficially :rolleyes:
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  3. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Will H&S give it the go ahead? I’m about to leave Cornwall after lunch travelling up for it. Can’t say I have much enthusiasm.
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  5. An Gof

    An Gof Member

    Hmmm, taking the Land Rover isn't an option as wife needs it to see and feed cattle whist i am away.
    Not sure my car will be very well suited to the site ;)
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  6. Wombat

    Wombat Member

    East yorks
    A tad breezy, not often it comes out the east this time of year.
  7. Fromebridge

    Fromebridge Member

    I'm sure you'll encounter more mud than she will so let her use the Porsche for feeding the cattle. ;)
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  8. Sonoftheheir

    Sonoftheheir Member

    West Suffolk
    It’s been wet all day but we’ve only had 1mm.
  9. ganderman

    ganderman Member

    South lincs
    Another 14 mm today we are up to 68mm since yesterday morning.
  10. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    according to the bbc weather forecast in 1 minutes time at 7pm ive got a 100% chance of 2 bars of rain, currently not raining nor has it all day nor did it yesterday other than a few spots

    edited 40 mins later, not raining though it feels damp but now im forecast 50 hours of rain till thursday night, think I better cancel any thoughts of going to cereals and put the mower on.!!!!

    tis a good job the powers that be got the weather forecast right all those years ago on Dday else we may not be here
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  11. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    75 mm here in the last 48 hrs
  12. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    Now 75 mm here since Sunday evening.
  13. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Wet here got some welding to do outside job and sheep work outside too. Is there not a mart on I can go and stand at somewhere
  14. Noyb

    Noyb New Member

    80mm forecast, 4mm so far, east yorks. thank god! lets hope the other 76mm does not appear
  15. sticky

    sticky Member

    Dry at the moment, had 6mm in the last 24hrs.
  16. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    looks like weve missed the worst of it last night, more heavy drizzle than rain though everything is wet and dank with puddles down the lane ,radar showing its on its way past so hope it dries a bit before the next forecast lot
  17. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Over 100mm here now in the last two or three days. Could be more as I forget to empty the rain gauge . Maize in standing water on some fields. It can stop now!
  18. ganderman

    ganderman Member

    South lincs
    Another 11 mm overnight total now 79 mm in the last 48 hrs. Bbc saying there has been over 100 within 7 miles so we are lucky.
  19. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Escaped the lot around here so far?
    Looks like heat wave next week???:scratchhead::)
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  20. jendan

    jendan Member

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