Your pen name - just for fun .

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by YorkshireAndrew, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Listening to an interview with an author on my local radio station this week when she was asked how she got her pen name , “I chose my first pet & my mother’s maiden name” was her reply . Mine would be ‘Chester Hutchinson’ , which I reckon is darn cool .
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  2. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    Gromit Moore :)
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  3. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Applies equally to your “adult actor” name
    Just google Minky Watt ;)
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  4. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Jack Price. I’d have to write ex SAS type novels .
  5. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    Suck-suck Pennell. Good porn name or what? :)
  6. My son’s would be Max Angell , no relation to Dave as far as I know .
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  7. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    I just googled Minky Watt and all I saw was a load of mattress protectors and romper suits. :scratchhead:
  8. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Retired matey.
    Worn out after 5000 takes and took advantage of having google delete my .. I mean Minky’s ... online presence
  9. I saw ironing boards !
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  10. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Have you ever just googled your real name to see what comes up.
    Mine namesake was a quarterback in the NFL. When I showed the mrs his picture , she said she’d married the wrong one .!
  11. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    Percy Veer, trying to get the book published.
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  12. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    I went straight for the kill and googled images. :whistle:
  13. Bob lincs

    Bob lincs Member

    On the flat bit
    Mine would be , Roscoe Rose
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  14. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    I'm an Australian tenor and star of Australia's got talent.
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  15. delilah

    delilah Member

    slightly off-topic, but,
    I share my name with a well known bbc comedy programme director, a few years ago I had a letter forwarded to me by the beeb (I am on their database) from a massive Blackadder fan who was collecting autographs of everyone connected to the programme. He wrote a lovely letter saying how much he enjoyed my work, his favourite episodes etc. I duly obliged, he is probably looking through his blackadder scrapbook right now admiring my scrawl.
  16. yellowbelly

    yellowbelly Member

    Apparently I'm a quantity surveyor at a firm called Holemasters - FFS, it looks like I work for @Kevtherev and @Cab-over Pete :woot:

    Edit... my pen name is Sparky Brumhead - I must write for Electricians Weekly :eek:
  17. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Richard Curtis, John Lloyd or Ben Elton?
    Don’t answer, as I’m in enough trouble on here for mentioning someone’s real name:ROFLMAO:
  18. Dman2

    Dman2 Member

    Durham, UK
    Shandy West
    Sounds like a porn star
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  19. 76masseyman

    76masseyman Member

    Snowy Brown.

    Sounds like a 70's American pimp.
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  20. Bessy Warren.

    Sounds like an American singer from the 1940's :rolleyes:
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