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    Feb 22, 2019 at 5:12 PM

    Written by Rachel Martin

    AgriSearch is looking for upland farmers in Northern Ireland to volunteer to participate in a European grassland project.

    The Europe-wide Research Project into Developing SUstainable PERmanent Grassland systems and policies is dubbed ‘SUPER-G’ for short.

    The project aims to develop sustainable permanent grassland systems and policies with farmers, citizens, and policymakers; ensuring business viability, while supporting biodiversity and delivering several other ecosystem services.

    What’s involved?

    The recruited farmers must be willing to participate in workshops and surveys throughout the project.

    Two of the farmers from the newly-established network will be then selected to participate in further on-farm testing of innovations.

    The farmers selected to participate in on-farm testing will also be required to host at least one farm walk.

    If you are interested in participating in the project or require more information, please contact Nicola Annett at: nicola@agrisearch.org.

    SUPER-G is a five-year project funded under Horizon 2020. The €10 million project began in June.

    The consortium is made up of 20 project partners, 20 farm networks and around 17 experimental platforms and field experiments across five biogeographical regions in Europe.

    The project will benchmark and...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 4:02 PM

    Written by Rachel Martin

    As fears grow over the future of meat exports post-Brexit, the Welsh agri-food sector has taken matters into its own hands, launching a promotional campaign to remind British shoppers they don’t need to go far for quality food.

    The Welsh red meat levy board Hybu Cig Cymru / Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) said the decision to begin the strategic marketing drive is due to the uncertainty of export markets post-Brexit.

    Currently, more than 90% of Welsh red meat exports land on European shores – something, many fear leaves the industry exposed in the event that no trade deal is reached between the UK and the UK.

    Over the coming weeks and months, HCC will be ramping up its presence and marketing activity among consumers, retail buyers and within the foodservice and hospitality sectors in the domestic market.

    Drive to promote Welsh within the UK

    In late February and over the St. David’s Day period, HCC will be taking PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef samples to buyers and senior staff members at the headquarters of one of Britain’s most influential multiple retailers, in a joint venture with Welsh Government.

    The campaign will also involve in-store sampling and HCC will be working with Welsh food service and hospitality businesses at customer engagement events.

    HCC will also be involved in a Welsh hospitality event taking place at...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 1:42 PM
    NFU draw raises £10k

    For the fourth consecutive year, the NFU staged a prize draw at their annual Conference dinner at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham. This year’s draw generated close to £10,000. The two-day NFU Conference sets the tone for the farming year and is one of the agricultural sector’s biggest events. The prize draw at the Conference dinner encouraged some 1,250 guests to enter, with the draw generating the remarkable sum of £9,945.77. R.A.B.I Chairman, Malcolm Thomas, said: “The NFU is a committed and longstanding supporter of our work and we are indebted to the efforts of so many of their staff, members and volunteers. “This draw raises a huge amount, however represents just one of many fundraisers the NFU carries out on our behalf throughout the year, up and down the country.” In 2018, the NFU was awarded the Dennis Brown Shield in recognition of its support of R.A.B.I and Guy Smith, NFU deputy president, collected the shield from Lord Plumb in front of more than 220 guests at R.A.B.I’s annual AGM / awards ceremony in Oxfordshire. Mr Thomas added: “We present this shield to the organisation that makes the greatest contribution to what we do, either in terms of raising money or awareness of our work. The NFU actually does both, incredibly well. They keep us at the forefront of their members’ minds and...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 1:32 PM

    Written by Rachel Martin

    Canadian dairy giant Saputo has announced plans to takeover Cathedral City and Clover owner Dairy Crest as part of a £975 million deal.

    Under the terms of the acquisition, shareholders will receive £6.20 for each Dairy Crest share, valuing the firm at approximately £975 million.

    It’s a premium of around 11.7% on the most recent closing price of a Dairy Crest share.


    Saputo is one of the biggest dairy processors in the world employing 12,800 people and operating in Canada, Argentina, Australia and North America. However, the group does not currently have any operations in Europe.

    The group’s interest in Dairy Crest is said to be motivated by a desire to increase its international presence and enter the UK market.

    It sees Dairy Crest as a “well-established and successful” industry player with a solid asset base and an experienced management team.

    Dairy Crest is one of the leading British-owned dairy companies and is best known for its Cathedral City, Clover, Country Life and Frylight brands.

    The company, which is supplied by around 330 South West farmers also manufactures ingredients for baby formula.

    Saputo chairman and chief executive Lino Saputo Jr. said: “Dairy Crest is an attractive platform for Saputo and fits well within our growth strategy.

    “We believe that under Saputo ownership, Dairy Crest will be able...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 1:02 PM

    Written by Jim Breen

    Yesterday (Thursday, February 21), we brought you news that Canadian manufacturer Versatile may have been launching a new range of tractors.

    That news is now confirmed. The company did, in fact, unveil a new line-up of tractors at an event in Arizona (US) this week (one of which is pictured above).

    Designed and built in Canada, Versatile’s new Nemesis range spans the 175-210hp segment. The tractors are powered by 6.7L Cummins engines.

    These tractors (another of which is pictured below) are decidedly smaller and less powerful than existing Versatile offerings.


    It’s expected that further details (including technical specifications of each model) will be released shortly. In any case, stay tuned to AgriLand for ongoing updates…


    Of course, as reported in yesterday’s article, Versatile is best known for its existing, high-horsepower tractors.

    Its flagship DeltaTrack (rubber-tracked, articulated) models (one of which is pictured below) have rated power outputs from 520hp to 605hp....
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 12:23 PM

    Written by Alan O'Connor

    Scottish pig producers, vets, pharmaceutical companies, pig specialists and industry bodies are working together to try to develop a strategy to eliminate a debilitating and costly disease in the pig herd.

    Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is a global problem. It was first seen in pigs in Scotland in 1992 and since then, PRRS has become the single most important endemic disease of pigs across the country.

    The PRRS virus infects sows and growing pigs, leading to reproductive failure – characterised by abortions, weak and stillborn piglets and infertility – as well as respiratory problems and increased mortality in young animals.

    The virus also has an immunosuppressive effect, which means that animals infected with the virus are susceptible to repeated infections, often resulting in increased antibiotic use.

    Cost of PRRS

    The loss of production seen as a result of PRRS has a significant economic impact.

    The disease is estimated to cost the UK pig industry around £80 a sow, £3.50 for each finished pig – typically £40,000 for a 500-sow herd per year.

    When this is multiplied by the number of affected herds, this cost is calculated to be around £3 million each year to the UK pig industry.

    PRRS only affects pigs and poses no risk to human health. The virus that causes PRRS can be transmitted in boar...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 12:02 PM
    Spring Oilseed Rape 2019

    A rise in spring drilling is expected in 2019 as a direct result of the winter oilseed rape area dropping to around 580,000 ha. One effect of the prolonged dry conditions which made establishment even more challenging than normal. These warmer than normal conditions also saw higher levels of oilseed rape pests with flea beetles causing significant crop losses and the peach potato aphid transmitting higher levels of TuYV virus than we have seen in previous year. Spring oilseed rape crops deliver excellent gross margins opportunities - spring sown crops allow flexibility in the rotation following a late harvest - which often means poor weather conditions, and in general allows growers an excellent opportunity to sort out pernicious weed problems, such as blackgrass, while fields lie fallow through the winter. This is a key benefit compared to winter oilseed rape which offer few cultural control measures to reduce grass weed numbers and relies heavily on agro-chemistry. The advent of CLICK CL - Clearfield spring osr - also opens another avenue for the control of broadleaf weeds. While peas and beans offer advantages in terms of ‘free’ nitrogen, they are often difficult to fit in a rotation, and can be very poor in a bad harvest year and values can be ‘difficult’. Growers can easily be tempted to drill too early (February) when both...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 8:13 AM

    Written by Agriland Team

    An interactive tool collating weather data from more than 160 UK locations will help blackcurrant growers more accurately apply control measures for a key pest this season.

    Based on a ‘temperature sum’ approach, the tool predicts when gall mites will emerge from buds in spring, the best time to apply plant protection products.

    The tool has was piloted in just six locations before widening to 160. This year the tool will also be updated daily instead of weekly, meaning guidance should be more accurate than before.

    Gall mites are primarily a pest of blackcurrants. Measuring less than 0.25mm long, they feed and breed within buds causing distinctive bud swelling.

    Mites emerge from infected buds in the spring and seek new buds. Infested buds start to swell in summer, but are most obvious in winter.

    Bastiaan Brak, research data analyst at AHDB, said: “The AHDB Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus management tool was received really well by arable farmers and agronomists last autumn and it’s great to now offer a similar tool to blackcurrant growers.

    “Similar decision support tools for horticulture are in development, demonstrating AHDB’s commitment to integrated pest management.”

    How it works

    Growers are able to select their closest location on the map and use the graph to find out the best time to apply their first and second sprays....
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 6:32 AM

    Written by JohnSwire

    A Cotswolds supermarket is set to become the UK’s first major retailer to make it mandatory for suppliers to tell shoppers where their ingredients are sourced from.

    To underline its commitment, the Midcounties Co-operative in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, will make it mandatory for suppliers to prove and publish where they source their ingredients from in a bid to deliver consumer transparency through the food chain.

    On Wednesday, February 27th, the food retailer will actively delist every food and drink brand across its entire ‘Best of our Counties’ range that refuses to have its ingredient supply chain audited and published for public scrutiny.

    The event will mark a major milestone in the journey of Happerley, the organisation working on behalf of the whole UK food industry and all consumers to develop and implement a means to secure provenance honesty and transparency, and empower the consumer to know the journey of their food.

    Happerley QR codes will be available at point of sale across the store’s entire Best of our Counties range, ahead of a wider roll-out across hundreds of stores.

    Those in attendance include Adam Henson, renowned TV presenter, author and farmer, Phil Ponsonby, CEO of Midcounties Co-operative, Matthew Rymer, CEO and founder of Happerley, and Peter Jinman OBE, Chairman of Happerley’s Advisory Board.

    Phil Ponsonby...
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    Feb 22, 2019 at 6:32 AM

    Written by JohnSwire

    ADM successful completed its acquisition of the remaining 50 percent stake of Gleadell Agriculture Ltd, including wholly owned subsidiary Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd.

    In the coming weeks, ADM will merge Gleadell with ADM Arkady, ADM’s UK destination marketing business, and ADM Direct UK, ADM’s specialist combinable crop origination business, to create ADM Agriculture Ltd.

    This investment will further increase customer service and processing capabilities, widen existing UK footprint and strengthen ADM’s presence nationwide – positioning ADM as the trading partner of choice for even more farmers and customers.

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