Electricity Pylon Concerns.

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by JNG, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. JNG

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    Leinster, Ireland

    We are in our area being threatened with the existance of large 400kv electricity lines and pylons through our farm, near our house and yards as well as plenty of other houses and farms in the neighbourhood.

    We are 'reliably' (cough cough) told by the company in charge that there is no health risk associated with these.

    However a quick Goolgle and you find plenty of reports on Human/Animal/environmental risks etc.

    May I please ask other country dwellers on here of experience they have with Plylons and Power lines through their area, do they notice anything like humming in wet weather. Does anyone feel their health or others health is affected. Also in farming terms I have heard about drop in fertility in Livestock, increased abortion rates reduced milk yields, also electro magnetic fileds affecting bees navigation (rape seed dressing banned for similar issue) and the list goes on.

    We as a community are getting together to try and fight to get these power lines burried or even put off shore around the coast, so any feedback is always usefull to help our case.

    Many Thanks.
  2. JNP

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    If you have the same issues as we have here with the new Hinkley Point C power station lines to Bristol, the only way you will get them buried is if the countryside people can claim its an area of outstanding natural beauty. They have agreed to bury a section past our house because of this, the land owner has also volunteered his land up for the burying too, so that probably helped.
  3. Lots of spurious arguments and websites claiming all sorts but the company is probably right to say there is no 'proven' health risk from the induced EMF (electro magnetic field).

    You will find much higher measurements say from someone who sleeps in a house close to the mains distribution board than from the pylons. That's not to say there aren't any risks - just nothing provable.

    There will obviously be visual and even noise pollution (the lines can make a noise in windy and wet weather) and property values will decline as a consequence.

    Rather than reinventing the wheel I'd try contacting the group in mid Wales, who have been fighting long and hard, for information

  4. Sid

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    South Molton
    Well according to the anti windfarm protesters round here in North mid Devon, we should be putting all the turbines in Scotland and blighting the whole of central England with pylons so they can have a nice view!! stuff the likes of JNG!

    I'm reply to JNG , used to work on a farm under the lines, they were always cracking and humming. I personally didn't like being under them, but can't report any problem due to them. Apart from the student the year after me hitting one with the cultivator!!
  5. We have them near our farmhouse can't tell yet if there is a heath problem but we hardly notice them now although when its damp in the air the lines hum
  6. david ll

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    I've lived virtually under 400kv pylons (100m from house) for nearly 50 years since I was 15 months old. There has not been any health issues in that time, there is noise but we got used to that a long time ago. Property values are definitely affected. They are a damn nuisance to work around.
  7. rob1

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    Got the line from hinkley a & b through the farm about 250 mtrs from the house, yes they hum in wet weather and you can get a belt from static that fence wires will pick up from the magnetic field. only health hazard that has affected me is the tendency to talk bollocks. To the op I would say stop being a nimby or go without electric, usual story "oh yes we need new houses/roads/pylons but this is not the right place"
  8. static

    static Member

    The ones at our farm make it tricky to get decent Radio 5 reception on medium wave.
  9. Av Gorritt

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    NE Ches / SE Lancs
    We have a double row of high tension lines run across our place , but I am not aware of any health risk . Safety definitely yes . Quite a few years back there was a machine with a long jib travelling under them about 100 yards away from the road and got a flashover from them . Driver was OK until he jumped out of the cab whilst still holding on to the machine - fried him , and his banksman , who tried to rescue him got his feet and hands frazzled . If we ever park anything with a jib near them we get a call from the Electricity authority asking us to move it. Apart from that , they buzz or crackle a bit from the wires or insulators in wet weather . They don't really cause us trouble otherwise as the land they pass over is mostly just "room outside " rather than productive land . On the plus side they pay a bit of rent so it's not all bad !.
  10. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    A quick google will reveal any and every human activity will kill you.
    and if you eat anything it will give you cancer.
  11. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    Wll my Granny lived about 50m from a high voltage pylon for over 60 yrs and celebrated her 101st birthday with no unusual health issues.
  12. JNG

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    Leinster, Ireland
    To answer that Rob, We are not trying to move the Pylons elsewhere or taking not in my back yard approach, we want to be proactive and if possible get them burried to save on various things like destroying landscapes, reducing property values interfering with Agric to mention issues other than health, we are only looking for info to make an arguement to do so. I actually agree we need an improved electricity infrastructure here as what we have is creaking and old.
  13. rob1

    rob1 Member

    to be honest i dont think they destroy landscape anymore than say a farm building,it is a personal thing I suppose as for property values it is difficult to judge and depending on if you are buying or selling, perhaps keep some of the townies away and make houses more affordable for local kids. The trouble with putting them underground is the cost as they need putting in tunnels with coolant because they create extreme heat, the answer in many ways are local community power stations using waste such as bio mass,local straw and community waste to generate power and heat to local homes, try suggesting that and see the opposition, we have become like the yanks in that we object to progress as a knee jerk reaction instead of being proactive. Near me there is a proposal for a single wind turbine and the fuss is unbelievable people in our village and nearby are up in arms yet not one house would be able to see it:banghead:
  14. rob1

    rob1 Member

    does that include being on tff
  15. Stewie

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    Northern Italy
    It surely kills my productivity
  16. grumpy

    grumpy Member

    we have them through the farm and i never even notice them,does my head in folks anti every thing they want electricity but dont want pylons they want renewable energy but dont want wind turbines its about time the government got tough and kicked protesters in to touch,
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  17. Dave6170

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    Wick, caithness
    Like the russians with greenpeace!!? bout time someone got tough, they re basically criminals!
  18. Y Fan Wen

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    N W Snowdonia
    If you get them buried, you will probably sterilise a strip of good farmland a good deal more effectively than having to manoeuvre around a pylon or two.
  19. BLG

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    In NZ they pay no rent and are now wanting to stop any farming activity within 64mtrs of the pylons except grazing. Fortunately the local councils are standing up to them.
  20. Sid

    Sid Member

    South Molton
    She may have lived to 115 if it weren't for the pylons?

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