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  1. Most will this this is stupid but its selling like mad so thought it was worth a mention

    This week seen a farming game released for the console.

    Farming Simulator, now after reading many reviews and topics about this it was hailed as a way to get more of the younger generation who have no connection into farming.

    Could this be a way to introduce it to people with no connection to Agricultural Industry?

  2. Fox Red

    Fox Red Member

    Could this be a taste of the future, as in watching and controlling your machinery on a screen?
  3. sleepy

    sleepy Member

    Devon, UK
    Yep - 10 to 20 years.
  4. exmoor dave

    exmoor dave Member

    exmoor, uk
    doubt it will catch the essence of pulling off a rotten lamb or calve (n) sheep farmer simulator anyone??:ROFLMAO:
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  5. Mad For Muck

    Mad For Muck Member

    after seeing some 'tractor drivers' i sometimes wonder if they gain their 'experience' on games like these.......
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  6. Bruce Almighty

    Heart of England
    My schoolboy son is on it all the time in the winter evenings
    He's on the real thing at the moment & earning his keep :)
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  7. Simon Chiles

    Simon Chiles DD Moderator

    My son used to play it all the time, I was watching the tele with another son when he came into the room looking all pee'd off. When I asked him what the matter was he said he'd had to pack the game in because he was combining and it'd started to rain. I knew the feeling!
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