Global Ovine UK sheep farmer workshop tour speaker notes

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    Another first for TFF and part of our continuing efforts to disseminate information and provoke informed discussion, I am delighted to announce that Global Ovine and Easyrams1 have kindly agreed to us publishing their speaker notes from the UK tour that has just taken place

    Many TFFers had asked for the notes as they could not make any of the fixtures

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    To be fair to @Global ovine and @easyram1, could TFFers please try to stick to posing queries on TFF forum as opposed to private messaging / conversations. They are busy peeps and I'm sure will do their best to answer queries for the general good on here.
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    Thanks a bunch for this will make good bedtime reading
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  4. S J H

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    Did GO go into details of ages to wean lambs, and the advantages of weaning earlier or later?
  5. I went to one of the talks and he said that lambs could be weaned when they were 25kg or bigger as their rumen is big enough to support them. He advocated weaning early if grass was short and keeping the ewes with them if grass was plentiful as this would improve digestibility.
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    quick read of the notes leads to a simple questions are we growing feed's at the wrong time of the year ,should ewes be on silage grounds early and then cut later makeing maintance silage for winter
    is the use of ferts realy being targeted to best drive animal growth or just grass growth
  7. S J H

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    Thanks for that trying to work out the best for this year plenty of grass at the moment and ewes are in good condition. In NZ they always said to wean them though, so that the lambs are getting the best bite, otherwise the ewe will take it.
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    New Zealand

    Makes very interesting reading
  9. pauld

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    Could not make meetings unfortunately but printed off notes. I keep re-reading them and each time another point hits home and I ask why it had not dawned on me before.
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  10. Gatehouse Farm

    Very interesting. Had a quick read will sit down when I have more time and read/ digest it properly.
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    J11 M40
    Thanks for that.
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