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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Lewis, May 1, 2013.

  1. Lewis

    Lewis Member

    Anyone know of a web site (CAD) that is free that i can do a floor plan for a shed design and layout ?
  2. snowhite

    snowhite Member

    you might get something that will do you if you can get on a home builder site
  3. DrDunc

    DrDunc Member

    What kind of shed are you designing?

    I designed and built the interior of a new cattle court here last year. I found old fashioned pencil and paper was perfect for the job:rolleyes:
  4. sleepy

    sleepy Member

    Devon, UK
    Google Sketchup
  5. snowhite

    snowhite Member

    my son used word for our shed and printed it use to show people that came to give prices and get the bank loan
  6. I used Excel for here. Spent hours on it changing bits all the time.

    Edit: Plans of the cattle yards as they are now and how I would like them to be. All done on Excel

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  7. lady muck

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    very impressive!
  8. Fraserb

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    Scottish Borders
    I use sketchup as well, its handy being able to draw and print to scale.

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